Pig Teapot By olivia roncace

First, I rolled out a slab of wet clay and used it to make two bowls. Then I dried both of the bowls until they were leather hard and slipped and scored them together to make a hollow sphere. Next, I smoothed out the seam where the bowls were connected at to make the shape more circular. After I was satisfied with the look of the sphere, I used a circle cutter and cut out a hole for the lid of the teapot. Then I rolled out another slab of wet clay, and used a slightly larger circle cutter to cut out the piece for the top of the lid. I dried this piece until it was leather hard and slipped and scored the two pieces for the lid together.

Originally, I planned to make a whale teapot instead of a pig. I added this piece to the top of the lid by using wet clay to roll a small circle and a small cylinder. I dried the pieces until they were leather hard and then slipped and scored them together. Then, I added that piece to the other part of the lid to create a handle. I wanted this piece to look like water coming out of the blow hole. However, the piece kept falling off. The whale became a little too difficult to make, so I decided to go with a pig instead.

This was my piece right before I decided to change my idea. Luckily I hadn't done anything to the shape yet or added anything that would prevent me from changing my idea. It was very easy to create the pig. My teapot was drying out more and more everyday, so I had to make sure I was working fast and spraying it with water everyday before I wrapped it up.

I wanted to change the lid because the other part of it broke, and because I wanted it to look more like a pig and not a whale anymore. I smoothed out the part where the little handle broke off. Then I rolled a little ball of wet clay. When I reached the right size, I cut off a bit from the bottom to make the ball sit flat on the lid. Once the ball of clay was dry enough to attach, I slipped and scored the two areas and carefully attached the piece of clay to the lid, making sure that it was secure and wouldn't fall off. I liked the way the lid turned out because now it looks like the pig is wearing a little tiny hat.

The first thing I did to make my teapot look like a pig was create the snout. I did this by rolling out a small slab of wet clay and cutting out a long thin rectangle. I formed this rectangle into an oval shape. Next, I measured and cut out another piece from the slab to use as the front of the snout. I slipped and scored the two pieces together. I needed to cut out little ovals for the nostrils. This is where the water will come through. Once I was satisfied with the way the snout looked I connected it to the teapot. I did this by using a circle cutter slightly smaller than the diameter of the snout to cut a hole in the teapot. I made sure the snout was dry enough for me to attach it to the teapot. Once it was, I slipped and scored the two areas and attached the snout.

This is what my teapot looks like with the handle attached. To do this, I dried the handle until it was leather hard. Then, I slipped and scored the handle to the teapot, adding clay around the spots where it was attached to make sure it was secure. Next, I did a lot of sponging and smoothing until I was satisfied with the way the handle looked on the teapot.

To make the handle, I rolled out a long log using wet clay. Once I rolled it out to the desired thickness, I cut it to make sure it was the right length. I had to make sure that the handle was proportional to the teapot, and that it wasn't too big or too small.

Next, I made the eyes. The eyes were very easy to make. All I did was use a small amount of wet clay and my hands to roll two small balls. Then, I flattened them out a bit, so they would attach to the teapot easier. I dried the eyes a little bit so I would be able to slip and score them on to the teapot properly.

To create the pig's lip at the bottom of its snout, I flattened out a small piece of wet clay until it was semi thin. Then I shaped it to fit underneath the snout perfectly. I attached it to the teapot by slipping and scoring when the lip was dry enough.

The last thing I did to my teapot was add the ears. I did this by rolling out a slab of wet clay and cutting out two triangles of the same size with a knife. Next, I shaped the triangles to look more like a pig's ears. I bent them around the edges a little. After I was happy with the way they looked. I dried the ears with the heat gun until they were leather hard. This made it easier to attach them, and ensured that they would stay on to the teapot. I attached them by slipping and scoring, making sure that each ear was nice and secure. I used a paintbrush and some extra clay to fill in gaps around the ears and to smooth everything out. Next, I sponged my teapot very carefully, making sure that it looked presentable and that I was happy with it before I left it out to get fired!

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