gandhi BY:Hussian Ali

My name is mohandas gandhi, I was born on October 2, 1869, in Porbandar, Kathiawar, India.When i was a little kid i always wanted to become a doctor but my dad always told me to become a government minister. After he died 1885 i decided to go to law school. In 1888 i went to london,england to study law.

I struggled to gain my footing as a lawyer. In my first courtroom case, i was nervous so i blanked when the time came to cross-examine a witness.Shortly after the birth of another son, I sailed for Durban in the South African state of Natal in April 1893.When i was on the train on my way to south africa a man kicked me out of the train for being in the first class because i was not white i had a ticked of a first class ticket but i still was kicked out of the train.

When i was in africa i decided to stay there for a year to help out and find the natal indian congress.I went back to India to bring my family so we can stay in south africa.when i was in South Africa the british made us have a paper that tells them where we are from if the British finds you and you don't have it you go to jail.So i decided to make a meeting to protest not many people came the people of Africa were afraid of British.After a while the British came and told us to go home and if anyone that burned his paper they will beat them and take them to jail.I decided to burn my paper and they beat me and they took me to jail because of what i did.I was put in jail for two months.

21 years later they finally gave South Africa there independence.So i decided to go back to India to try to help my country Indian get there independence from british.I receives a hero's welcome. I calls for a period of non-cooperation across India.The i was arrested for sedition i remained in jail for almost 2 years .When i got out i publishes the Declaration of Independence of India. My intention twas to break the Salt Laws. I called people muslims and indians to Salt March to the sea, We walk for miles until we got the we went through villages that come with us on the salt march.

Then I was arrested for violating the Salt Laws; non-cooperation movements break out across India.British government yields to protests, releases all prisoners, invites a Congress representative to Britain for a Round Table Conference.Then i returned to india, i was arrested for sedition, and held without a trial.So i decided to fast in prison to protest the treatment of untouchables . Government of India Act passes British Parliament and is implemented in India that was the first step to independence.

The congress leaders and i were arrested i was taken to Aga Khan's palace.When they took me out indian independence becomes official.BUt there was still street fight between the muslims and the indians so i told the muslim leader he can be the minister of indian if he want. The fights kept for days so i decided to fast until the fight ends for until i die.

After the street fights ended.So we made the partition to divide india into two countries, India and Pakistan.But still the hindus and muslims flee for the borders of India and Pakistan. Then it finally ended

january 30, 1948: ·Gandhi is assassinated by Nathuram Vinayuk Godse, a Hindu nationalist.

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