Yesland where the answer is yes

mission statement: because we all love to hear the word... YES.


1) you HAVE to answer yes to any question

2) you have to ask at least one question a day

3) you have to answer yes to 2 questions every day

4) you have to say the moto at least 6 times a day

5) you have to go to school but if you ask if you can stay home then you dont have to

6) you cant say no

7) you cant communicate with anyone from our neighboring island no land

8) you have to have a yesagram account

9) you have to have a phone

10) you cant visit no island

location: on secret island in pacific

day schedule; whatever you want because no one can stop you

government; well we cant really chose what government to have because it would all be over ruled so the government is anarchy

do you like doing whatever you want when ever you want well this is the place for you also if you do not like to hear the words no or don't or that's to dangerous then come live here!

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