• The early earth was hit by many comets.
  • The Oort cloud may be home to many comets.
  • The halley's comet is named after a scientist.
  • Comets are ice and frozen gas.
  • When a comet gets close to the sun it melts and it leaves it tail behind.
  • Comets have three parts the nucleus, coma, and the tail.
  • The sunlight reflects off the tail and that's what we see from earth.
  • Comets are leftovers from when the solar system formed 4.5 billion years ago.
  • Some comets take 200 to 300 years to orbit the sun.
  • Most are a few miles wide.
  • The last comet was in 1986.
  • The next comet will be in 2061.
  • Comets are like meteors.
  • Comets tails are made out of star dust.
  • Comets have dust tails and gas tails.
  • We don't know how many comets are in the universe.
  • Edward Emerson Barnard found the first comet.
  • The Halley's comet is 10 x 5 x 5 miles.


  • All the dinosaurs thought it was a comet but it was actually a meteor
  • Jimmy do you have a comet.


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