Before the maiden voyage Mariem MOuna

My name is Sienna Robinson. I'm twelve years old, and I'm in 6th grade. My Family and I have bought a first class ticket for The Unsinkable Titanic. The ship will sail in a fortnight but i'm so exited. I've been feeling blue ever since my PaPa died but I know he's in a better place. I just hope my grandma's doing okay. I haven't seen her since the funeral. My father is coming home from a business trip in two days. I'm super hyped to see him! My mum is cleaning the flat before we leave. Tomorrow we get to go shopping. (which is my favorite thing to do). I do know my onions about fashion. (which is my favorite thing to do).

My mum calls my name "Sienna come. It's tea time.

"I yell back "coming, mum."

I sit down on my favorite chair. And grab a cozy blanket. I was planing on spending the night in front of the idiot box.My favorite series is on the telly. I End up crashing on the chair, and the worst part is that I missed the episode.

My mum walks in and says "you are a couch potato aren't you."

I was not interested in getting into an argy-bargy over it. I thought it was tosh; I had just wanted to watch my television series. I pretended like I didn't hear her and went up to my room. I lay on my bed for a moment. I smelled this icky smell, and I realized it was me. So I prepared a bath. Then I took a long relaxing shower after. I took a little nap then woke up after an hour. I was completely shattered.

My mum woke me up and yelled: "Sienna wake up, and call grandma see how she's doing."

I picked up the phone and dialed her number we ended up having a two-hour long chin-wag. By the time we stopped talking it was already 8:00 pm. So I ran to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and washed my face.

I went back downstairs and told my mum "goodnight."

She quietly replied "Goodnight sweetheart."

Then she kissed me goodnight. The next morning I woke up at 7:55 sharp and plopped out of bed and went to use the bog. I realized I ran out of the bog roll.

So I asked my mum "may you please bring me a bog roll?"

She replied, "hold on let me find it."

I sat there for another ten minutes because it just my spawn that I ran out of the bog roll, even in my cabinets. Finally she found. Tomorrow My father is coming back from his business trip, so I'm extremely exited. I went down to the kitchen, and I saw my mum cooking.

I asked her if she needed any help cooking.

But she said "no."

My mom asked, "Unless you could be a dear and take the trash out."

I told her "I would be more than happy."

As I exited the flat, I heard chanting. I got closer to it and found out it was suffragists. Yelling about woman rights. Then I saw the kidnapper that the fuzz were looking for months. I ran back to the flat as fast as I could and dropped the trash in the big trash bin. I realized that he was following me back to my flat. I ran back into the flat gasping for air.

My mum asked me what was wrong. I couldn't reply I was wheezing like crazy. My mum sat me down and offered me a glass of water. I finally got the words "kidnapper following me" out. My mum told me to get some rest and sleep it off. Two hours passed and I was feeling much better, and I wasn't worried anymore. My mum asked if it was okay if we went shopping and I said yes. So I got dressed and did my hair. I went downstairs and grabbed a snack from the kitchen.

I nodded.

We got in the car and drove to our favorite store. They had the most beautiful dresses and antiques. We ended up buying my father cloth, and we both got a lot of formal dresses. I was so chuffed from everthing I had boughtBy the time we got home, it was 6:30, and we left the flat at 2:30.

My mum and I baked a cake for my father, and we threw him a little surprise party. With friends and family. We all were so excited to board the Unsinkable Titanic, Especially because we didn't know what was coming our way.

1. Bog: Toilet/Restroom

2. Bog roll: Toilet paper.

3. Chin-wag: A chat or brief conversation

4. Shattered: Worn out, exhausted.

5.Mum: mother

6. feeling blue: sad or unwell

7. tea time: the time in the afternoon when tea is traditionally served

8. telly: television

9. Couch potato: a person who spends little or no time exercising and a great deal of time watching television.

10. Shattered: Worn out, exhausted.

11. Chin-wag: A chat or a brief conversation.

12. Flat: An apartment or unit

13. fortnight: a period of two weeks.

14. argy-bargy: An argument or heated confrontation.

15. chuffed: To be very pleased about something.

16. the fuzz: The Police.

17. idiot box: A television set.

18. Know One’s Onions: To be well versed on a subject.

19. Spawny: Lucky.

20. Tosh: Nonsense.


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