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Moscow is a place in Russia. It is their Capital of the state. Russia uses a money source called Ruble (Roo-ble). Russia is in the northern hemisphere. It has 142,500,482 people in this place. Russia is 13 hours more than America.

Did you know Alexander III was Grand prince of Finland, King of Poland, and emperor of Russia. Russia is filled with beautiful gold and colorful buildings. People came to Russia to celebrate New Years Day, see St. Basil's Cathedral, And learn about Alexander III.

Russian tourist place:

St. Basil's Cathedral (cath-E-dral)is a very popular place in Russia. Ivan was a ruler when it wasn't built. He, Ivan ordered two men to design the Cathedral in 1552. They designed it and built it. Legend has it that Ivan blinded them so the couldn't build one better. This building was ordered from Ivan because of tatar captured the other leader against them in war. The Cathedral was completed in 1560. It is located in Moscow,Russia in the Red Square. The Cathedral had 8 churches within it until 1588. Tsur added and built a ninth church on top of St. Basil`s grave. St. basil`s Cathedral is a very interesting building.

St. basils Cathedral

A nice view of St. Basils Cathadral

Saint Basil's Cathedral

Russias flag

Flag of russia

flag of Russia in wind

Flag near a tower

Russian flag next to American flag

Alexander III is a famous person from Russia. He was born March 10,1845. He died from kidney disease on November 1,1894. He lived for 49 years. He was famous for being the grand prince of Finland, King of Poland, and Emperor of Russia. What he did was not make a major war. Instead he made peace. He kept peace with the other states. Alexander III is a famous and interesting person.

New Years Day is a very interesting that is in Russia. This holiday gives children 10 days of school break. There is no school on starting December 30. New Years Eve is on December 31. People stay up all night and trade presents, eat, and watch fire works. Also they listen to the bells ring to the national Anthem. They mostly eat olivier salad. This holiday is like Thanksgiving and Christmas. People sometimes celebrate this holiday at other families houses. Then they have Christmas on January 7. This holiday is one cool holiday from Russia.

Russia is unique because Russia takes up 2 continents and most space is unused. Russia is known for their monuments and colorful and gold buildings. You would want to go to Russia to celebrate fun holidays, visit monuments, and learn about famous people.


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