2018 Code for romania goes above and beyond

in 2018...

...We strategised
...and focused on becoming better
by designing an improved research methodology
to identify those blockages in Romania that could be solved through tech

So we asked people what keeps them up at night

And we found about some of Romania's biggest fears:

> the next big earthquake and

> the country's legislative process

So we brought in stackeholders in both fields, as well as experts from Romania and abroad
and together with them we unpacked and understood the two topics
and we started building the solutions

in 2018...

...We connected our community better

online and offline

formal or informal

in smaller groups
or larger ones

or simply one by one

But always with a lot of love
and by welcoming everybody in...
And yes, we launched our first live hackdays

Which will become a monthly tradition starting in 2019

And all in all, in 2018 we put:

over 30 000 pro-bono hours of work

worth over 1 100 000 Euros

And for that we were awarded recognition...

...by winning Best Programme at the Romanian Civil Society Gala

...and being inclued among the most impactful initiatives in Romania

We continued to mentor
and explain the power of civic tech to smaller
or wider audiences
and to those in government

in 2018...

We put a lot of our efforts into becoming financially sustainable in order to scale our impact
And we are almost there thanks to your support

But most importantly, in 2018 we remained commited to change by delivering projects that...

Securely connect journalists with their sources and potential whistlebowers

Make donating 2% of your income tax to an NGO easier

We also added new features to our VoteMonitor ecosystem and succesfully used it in the 2018 Constitutional Referendum

And started working on a state-of-the-art data portal that will make public data easier to access and understand

The Municipality of Cluj-Napoca will be among the early adopters

in 2018...

...We went around the country

But most importantly

We put Romania on the world map...

...by supporting organisations from around the world with our know-how
from Mexico
to Poland
...by taking our Vote Monitor ecosystem around the world
...and by bringing to Romania the world's most important civic technology event of the year

An event that brought the stars of technology from over 50 countries to Bucharest for a full week of hands on work.

An event we kinda rocked.

And did we introduce Will?

He was sent by National Geographic to make a documentary about our work

and he will be part of our community for 6 more months.

But you know what is most important?

This was all done through the pro-bono efforts of our 600+ strong amazing community

and through your help

as 2018 was yet another year where your support kept us going.

So, don't forget

if you like what we are doing you can support us through donations to keep us going


Code for Romania

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