There are 3 states of matter : solids, liquids, gases.

Solids have their own shape. Solids do not change.for example If you put a solid like a rock in a bowl the rock will not change it’s shape. Solids have their own definite shape.The atoms of solids are close to each other. They made solids hard.

Liquids take the shape of their container.

If you put water in a glass shaped like a cup the liquid will take the shape of the cup.

Gases don't have their own shape.

Gases are everywhere. The atoms in a gas are so far to each other. Gases do not have their own shape gases take the shape of where they are.

A solid can turn into a liquid if you put heat. For example, if you put blocks of ice in a pot and you put that pot on a stove, the solid will turn into a liquid. That is called melting.A liquid can turn into a solid. For example, if you try to make popsicles, you need to put water and juice in the freezer. The liquid will freeze and turn into a solid. That is call freezing. Liquids can turn into gases. For example, if you are trying to make soup, like stone soup, the water will turn into a gas if you boil it. That is call evaporation. Also gas can turn into a liquid. For example a pot if that pot is with water and you put heat and you open the pot many gas will turn into water and it will be out the pot that is called condensation as how you can see temperatures change matter.


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