Grasslands By:landon

Introduction I will tell you about the grasslands what lives there and what the weather is like. If you like grasslands you will love this information.

"Weather"the weather there is very hot but not that hot it ranges from about 50 to 60 digress. in the summer it's very hot but still about 70 digress.there isn't much rain. There so they have lots of rivers and lakes instead.

Animals there are lots of animals like cheetahs ,buffalo,and even mise that live there,main food is antelope ,grass ,and nuts


There are lots of plants in the wild including grass and trees animals like gazelle and antilope eat the plants so they get food to

I hope you will take care of theese animals and plants


Created with images by Leszek.Leszczynski - "Cheetah" • ♡ dare to share beauty - "Annestown Beach Kiln - HDR" • VinothChandar - "Fresh Greens"

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