Engineers Without Borders Atlanta Cerro Verde, Ecuador Program

The EWB-USA Atlanta Professional Chapter traveled to Cerro Verde, Ecuador for an assessment trip in April 2018. The purpose of the trip was to meet the community, understand their needs and goals, collect survey data, and test water sources.

Water is currently delivered from two types of suppliers. Drinking water suppliers and suppliers that providing water for washing. The wash water is 66% cheaper than the drinking water.

All of the water tested during the assessment trip tested positive for coliforms (bacteria), and some of the water tested positive for fecal coliforms.
Clean water was voted the #1 health challenge by the community.

Cerro Verde experiences 48 cases of preventable illnesses related to water contamination each year.

These illnesses impact the communities children the most.

85% of families have difficulty obtaining clean water

The community and the EWB Assessment team worked together in partnership to determine options and to begin working towards a solution.

They agreed a good next step would be to develop in-home filtration systems, such as a biosand filters, to ensure affordable and clean water for the families. With the implementation of in-home filtration systems, the community could purchase the more affordable wash water, which would save the families money, while at the same time providing safe clean water.

The chapter is currently researching and prototyping in-home filtration options.

The EWB-USA Atlanta Professional Chapter is in the process of inviting industry peers to learn more about the partnership with the Cerro Verde community and to assist in supporting the project.

Next Steps

If you or your company is interested in making a difference for the families in this community, please contact the chapter.

More pictures from the trip!

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