Town of Morgan By: blanca palacios

Land use planning: seperation of acres, but nothing of the land is going to change.

Town Road work: Going to change weight limition on town roads.

Town road work: Going to change physical address signs.

No replacement: There isn't going to be a replacement for one member

Land division: Going to divide a land property on 9560 CCC RD.

The town of Morgan is going to have a road work for weight limiton for the roads. Right now they are at 7 tons that can go on the roads and they want to change it to 8 tons. I agree on what they are going to do because it is better for like the farms more heavy trucks can go in. There is going to be people who won't like what they want to do. They are going to be against it because the trucks are loud so the local government can just put times on where trucks like that can pass through.

Other information: it is going to be good for the town and the people who live there because more things for like farms can pass through. So that means that more crops and things like that there are going to be more.

Town Hall: 3276 County Rd C, Oconto Falls, WI 54154


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