My poems Bennett sanders

"ODE" "ode to Jim"

Jim you are the best, we should be neighbors in Seacrest. And when I see you agin you will probably be playing Gin. You like vampires in Transylvania but you live in Pennsylvania. Your pranks are so funny you should do one including a bunny.

Every day poetry"Basketball."

After lunch I always go play basketball every day for recess. The feel of the basketball in my hand is good. My friend Hayden is always looking for ally oops but he is always being guarded by someone taller than him so I shoot insted. And when I shoot a three pointer and it swishes I feel really good for helping my team.

"Inspired by" "killing two birds with one stone."

It means that you can do two things at once. Like if you are killing a bird with a stone and a bird comes and you throw the stone and it hits the bird but there is a bird on the floor and the stone hits it so now things are done and done.


Wonderful Jungles, inspired by beautiful mountins. Rivers with fish, fish and menos. Green long vines hanging from the trees, vines with monkeys hanging on them. Animals everywhere around the trees.

Big tall buildings inspired by pretty colored trees. Big tall buildings that are stone and glass in the city air an old building with antiques. with a old man inside.

Fibonaci poetry"Room"





with colors

I wish it was plane.


Created with images by tpsdave - "rio grande river texas big bend national" • arjonaranjo - "bridge river view from the pnc park" • tpsdave - "basketball rim hoop" • Ben124. - "Birds" • Unsplash - "creek river nature" • Lauren Manning - "Pompidou Art"

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