Style Watch: Halloween Edition By: brianna aguayo, Marlene Arroyo, and Jane WHite

The following are some of M-A's students in their Halloween costumes for the 2019-2020 school year!

Freshmen: Maya Jhwar & Ana Chung: Characters from Maleficent
Sophomore: Adrian Tapia: Purple Eggplant
Freshmen: Emily & Katie: Hippies
Moana, Leslie, Sela, & Liliam: Dancing Flowers
Freshmen: Angelina and Susy as Perry the Platypus and a Hippie
Sophomores: Evin Holley & Honor Poat: E-Boy & Dorothy
Sophomore: Paloma Ford: A baby
Sophomore: Kate Trevor, a mushroom
Senior: 1950's housewife corpse
Two teachers dress as a zombie and a witch.
Sophomores: Paul Kirkpatrick and Lucas Morales: Miscellaneous
Freshman: Cow
Junior: Unicorn
Sophomores: Annie Wagner and Calypso Boustiha: Life Guards
Sophomores: Dylan Murphy, Jackson Garff, Leo Freedman, Max Gertman, and Eli Chane: Tourists and America
Juniors: Charlie and Allison: Princess and a cheeta.
Sophomores: Alyssa Faberowski, Shani Amzallag, and Katelyn Poleman: Tourists
Sophomore: Alexa Baigorria: A bush man