All Around The East Coast Historical Sites

Washington D.C:

Site 1 Day 1: Lincoln Memorial

This site is a national monument built in honor of Abraham Lincoln (our 16th president.) At the site you can see carving on a wall with some of Abraham´s famous quotes.

Day 1 Site 2: Supreme Court of the U.S.

The Supreme Court is where they deal with some of the most serious cases of people breaking the law. It also shows / contains the highest of them all, the constitution.

Day 2 Site 1: Martin Luther King Jr Memorial.

At this site you will be able to see a big statue of Martin Luther King. You will also see quotes from him carved into a wall from some of his speeches.

Day 2 Site 2: Mont Vernon

Mont Vernon is a historical site named after an admiral (from the British navy.) In 1735 George Washington´s father moved himself, as well as his family into this house.

New York City:

Day 3 Site 1:Empire State Building

The Empire State building is a historical site because it was the tallest building from 1931 through 1972.

Day 4 Site 1: The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom and friendship. It was gift from France. It welcomed many immigrants to America when they came to Ellis Island. All immigrants on the east coast had to be processed at Ellis Island before they were allowed to live here (America.)


Day 5 Site 1: Old State House

The Boston State House is important because it´s the state capitol and seat of the common wealth of MA. This site was built in 1798.

Day 6 Site 1: Boston Tea Party Ships And Museums

The Boston Tea Party ships and museum is one oft the acts that caused the colonists to want to break free from Britain. (One of many.)

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