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Most of us give in to the pleasures of the world early in life. We spend those years wishing things where different but don't know how to make a change. Trying to fill up the gnawing void becomes a full time obsession; and, by the time we wake up long years have already passed by and we are paralyzed still looking for answers. The demands of this world make our lives toxic and chaotic; because, the truth is, it will never be enough. So, when does it end? The simple answer is, it ends at surrender.

You will never be happier than the day you surrender your entire life to God. Consecration will transform your life in everything you ever wished for. Once you offer yourself as a living sacrifice and let God guide you for his purpose, there will be no limits to your love, happiness, health, wealth or wisdom.

Jesus is calling your name, drop everything and follow him today. You don't have to be perfect, just have to say yes. I pray that you do. God bless you and yours.

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Jennifer McGuigan


Created with images by Dreaming in the deep south - "surrender"

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