Things I Want To Do

I want to do something adventurous, something that scares me, something that I want to back down to but won't, go somewhere different, learn new things, meet new people. That's why I made a list of things I would like to do and see.

I would love to travel to Paris, vacation at Mexico, view the Northern Lights, go cliff jumping, go snorkeling, see the sunset and sunrise, graduate college. Make a difference in the world, like going to Haiti and learning how they live their lives, their struggles, teach them new things, and how I can help them achieve the greatest things.

Created By
Paige Otto


Created with images by papaya45 - "sun hand finger" • Javier Vieras - "Paris night" • borderlys - "Punta Cometa" • 27707 - "aurora aurora borealis borealis" • relaxnow - "fins sea snorkeling" • jill111 - "woman happiness sunrise" • tpsdave - "iceland rock formation" • Beverly & Pack - "Haitian Flag, the National Flag of Haiti"

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