School board to revise pledge procedure Gwen Bittner / citrus chronicle

Today, members of the school board will look at a policy further specifying student requirements during the morning Pledge of Allegiance.

Policy language edits planned in accordance with Florida statute will permit, with written request by a parent, students to sit during the pledge without placing their hand on their heart.

Students were previously allowed to be excused from verbally reciting the daily pledge activity. The new wording solidifies the option to sit it out.

The policy review will include written notification in the Code of Student Conduct stipulating that the students have the right to not participate in the pledge.

Board to receive Renaissance Center update

Renaissance Center staff will present the board with an annual school update. Since 2014 the Renaissance program has operated under a contract between the district and Marion county company Silver River Mentoring and Instruction (SRMI). The school focuses on new beginnings for students who have encountered behavioral problems in public school.

District wellness policy to be reviewed

The board will discuss revisions to the district wellness policy which include a new philosophy and commitment to providing access to healthy food alongside opportunities to be physically active. The edits note the district’s striving toward meeting nutritional standards and responsibility to participate in federal meal programs.


* WHAT: Citrus County School Board workshop.

* WHEN: 9 a.m. today.

* WHERE: 1007 W. Main St, Inverness.


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