survivors (print work that emerged unscathed.)

Of all the things I write as an advertising copywriter (newspaper and magazine ads, television, radio, social media posts, digital ads, emails...you name it), print may be my favorite. It's the medium the creative team has the most control over — it's pretty much just me, an art director and at the end, a crack account team to help sell it to a client who "gets it." When it comes out like we originally envisioned (or even better), it's as close to real art as you can get. There's nothing quite as rewarding as seeing a funny or powerful or thought-provoking headline brought to life with some fantastic art direction.


I have to start with the Traprock 50K, a brutal cross-country race I've been lucky enough to work on for a few years. You can't beat any project that lets you write headlines about vomiting and blood. And no, I've never run it...and never will. Beautiful art direction by Eric Panke.
Metal, tintype photos are awesome. Highly recommended in this ephemeral, online world. Highly detailed art direction by Don Carter.
Hartford Hospital's "When It Matters Most" campaign helped remind people that this is the hospital to turn to when you need the most critical, cutting-edge care. Photos by me. Art direction by Don Carter.
Ridgerunner Outfitters sold hardcore, old-school outdoor gear. Think wool, waxed canvas and leather...not synthetic fabrics. This campaign tried to get that attitude across. Art direction by Don Carter.
You get 8 words in a billboard (not counting subheads, c'mon). With six, I tried to get into the heads of everyone who had been putting off that not-so-pleasant task of having a colonoscopy. It worked. Colonoscopy appointments increased...and we heard from a few patients who said it actually saved their lives when they made one, and found out they had cancer.

I give Mystic Seaport, a historic maritime museum, a lot of credit for not acting like one. Instead, they realized people wanted to bring their kids and have fun. And they let us capture that personality in many different ways — from ads to onsite posters.

We've been working with the New England Black Wolves indoor lacrosse team for a few seasons now. We try to bring the same fun, energy and attitude to the advertising that you find at the games.
As a long-time Hartford Courant subscriber, it was a privilege to work on their 250th Anniversary campaign and sift through centuries of headlines and stories for inspiration. Art direction by Eric Panke.
Working on the Greater Hartford Open was also lots of fun. Art direction by Don Carter.
We've done a lot of work for Hartford HealthCare over the years. This campaign for Hartford Hospital had a lot of legs...we did a LOT of "Beyond Advanced" headlines. Art direction by Don Carter.
Running + Zombies = Dream Copywriting Job. Awesome art direction by Eric Panke.
I shot some photos of my daughter during a horseback riding lesson...then turned them into a campaign for Seven J's Farm. Art direction by Eric Panke.

Oh, still scrolling? I'm impressed. Here's even more stuff:

This campaign was a blast. We produced lots of these signs for Pfau's Hardware, a wonderfully old, creaky hardware store that smells like motor oil and Grampas. Art direction by Don Carter.
Cargill's Nutrena line wanted to show horse owners that they're horse lovers, too...not just some big, faceless company. So we created a national print campaign that featured real employees and their childhood horse photos. Art direction by Don Carter.
Part of getting people to want to drink Onyx Moonshine was explaining exactly what it was...and what it tasted like. They kept telling us it's like a cross between vodka and whiskey, so...
Another copywriting dream job. The Courant was splitting off its "lighter, fluffier" lifestyle articles into a new online site, ctnow.com, so we let people know with this very fun campaign. Art direction by Don Carter.
Part of another campaign for the Courant...when they were launching a new lifestyle magazine, CT Slant.
Just a fun billboard for Hartford Hospital's urological center. (No, we didn't name it Tallwood.)
Northwest Catholic let us infuse their print ads with just enough attitude. Art direction by Don Carter.
I love being able to do work for important causes I believe in. Art direction by Don Carter.
Really enjoyed helping out the CT Down Syndrome Convention.
My family are (or were) huge fans of the now-closed Balsams Resort in New Hampshire. But that didn't stop me from working for their competitor: The Mount Washington Resort. Love those grand old hotels.
We did a little in-store and P.O.P. work for the Happiness Lab coffee shop in New Haven. They're pretty detail-oriented about their coffee, as you can tell. Art direction by Eric Panke.
I collected baseball cards when growing up. Which helped for this campaign. Art direction by Don Carter.
I'm a Sox fan. Obviously. Art direction by Eric Panke.

That's it. Well, not really. There's lots more on my Flickr site if you really want to dive in.

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