DOHA ACADEMY ALWAAB SECONDARY Year 12 & 13 Options Evening Online Booklet

Welcome to Doha Academy

We are delighted that you have expressed an interest in Doha Academy Year 12 and 13, a vibrant and stimulating learning environment providing specialist staff and excellent facilities that enable our students to develop both academically and as well-rounded and fulfilled young adults.

During their time in Year 12 and 13, students have important decisions to make and we ensure they are fully supported in every area of their time at Doha Academy. We provide support across a range of student needs from course choices and advice on how to study independently, to individual guidance through their university or employment applications.

In addition to academic support, the emotional and spiritual well-being of our students is our highest priority and students are supported within a pastoral, tutorial and academic structure designed to meet each individual’s needs. Doha Academy has a strong Islamic ethos that is reflected in our students studies, dress code and organised Salat.

Our commitment to academic success coupled with enrichment opportunities ensures our students leave Doha Academy with excellent qualifications, a greater understanding of the important role that they have to play as a global citizen and a desire to take on the next exciting challenge in their lives.

We look forward to working with you during this important time.

The excitement of learning

Doha Academy offers an extensive range of courses, all taught by dedicated and professional staff who inspire students to achieve their full potential.

Students are able to choose from a range of A level courses, allowing students to pursue a traditional academic pathway. Students are able to study up to four subjects. Students will also study, as part of their curriculum, Religious Education.

Year 12 will study AS level courses; this is equivalent to half an A level. Year 13 will study A2 which, when combined with the AS, gives a whole A level. Our aim is to give our students access to the best universities across the globe. In order to achieve this, we strongly recommend that students complete the A2 courses in Year 13. Universities such as Oxford, Harvard and Cambridge all require at least 3 completed A level courses at an A grade.

All students have a Form Tutor with whom they meet on a daily basis. .

The form tutor also develops and maintains close links with the families and carers of our students to assist them in supporting their child to achieve their aspirations.

Progress reports are produced at the end of each term allowing students and their families to assess the academic progress and efforts made. The form tutor will continually monitor the achievements of the students in their care, celebrating success and implementing supportive strategies where necessary.

The importance of helping others

Doha Academy Year 12 and 13, encourages its students to hold positions of responsibility.

“The Academy has a strong sense of community and there is an expectations that Year 12 and 13 students are not only part of this but also take responsibility for helping shape it.”

The highest honour is to represent the Academy as either Head Boy or Head Girl. Other positions of responsibility include Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl and Prefects. Students are appointed to these positions through consultation with their peers and teachers followed by a formal interview process. In the first term Year 12 students may put themselves forward to be House Leaders, chairing their Student Council that presents ideas to the Senior Leadership Team on how the Academy could develop. The Academy as a whole looks on these students as role models for all other students within the Academy.

Our Mentoring Scheme sees Year 12 and 13 students support the academic and social progress of younger students within the Academy. This programme will see great success both in terms of settling new students into the Academy as well as providing our Year 12 and 13 students with invaluable interpersonal skills and increased confidence.

Alongside the academic and personal development opportunities which we offer, there is a diverse range of social events. Year 12 and 13 students play a pivotal role in organising events for the lower school and supporting them with charity events and fundraisers.

Weekly Timetable

Dress Code

At Doha Academy Year 12 and 13, we aim to create a professional working environment in keeping with our strong islamic ethos. As part of this approach we expect all members of the Year 12 and 13 community to wear clothing which supports this ethos.

Male students are expected to wear a suit/jacket, trousers, a tie and formal shoes. A formal jumper with no logos or waistcoat may be added under the jacket as long as the tie is clearly visible.

Female students are expected to wear a head scarf, a formal suit/jacket with formal loose fitting skirt or trousers, a shirt/formal blouse/formal jumper with no logos. Formal black shoes should be worn to suit this attire.

There should be no jewellery.

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Thank you. For more information please contact the school on: Doha Academy. Duhail Street, Al Waab. Doha Tel: (+974) 44696477 - 44699570

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