My sister Bendu By Wonbeaker David


My sister Bendu listens to about 220 songs everyday I know right I can't believe it either! Also after my sister turned 13 (shes 14 right now though) she stopped playing some games with me because she though some games that we played together were to " young " for her. She thought just because she was 13 that she was too " grown up " for some of our games. But although my sister can be really annoying sometimes she could be really fun. As long as you stay on my sisters good side you will be fine. Read on to find out more about my sister.

Even though she stopped playing some games with me she never stopped loving tic tak toe.

What My Sister Looks Like

My sister has brown eyes. You usually cant see them in very dark places. If you look at her eyes they will look black. But if you look at her eyes in a bright light you will see her brown eyes. Also Bendu is very tall. She is about 5.7. ( i think. ) All I know is that shes taller than my mom and shes almost taller than my dad my dad is about 6.3. Lastly she has medium long puffy very brown hair. But if you look at her hair it also looks black. But her hair is just a very dark shade of brown hair.

This is usually what you can see in the light if you look at her eyes

What My Sister Likes

My sister Bendu really likes to sing. Sometimes she usually sings way to loud. She also likes to play her ukulele . She got her ukulele for Christmas. But she is still trying to learn the ukulele. She is trying to learn a song called Migraine. The song is by a band called Twenty One Pilots. That's Bendu's favorite band. My sister does not really have a favorite food. She likes all foods. Next she also likes these popular Youtuber's named Dan and Phil. They are very famous in London and in America. Lastly she really likes to watch this show called Shadow hunters. Its about this group that fights the under world. ( Or something like that. )

One of my sisters favorite things is to sing

What My Sister Does Not Like

My sister does not really like mean and rude people. So for example, if she says hi to you and you say hi back but in a mean way and roll your eyes she will consider that as being rude or mean. Also she does not like annoying people. for example if you ask a lot of questions, She would consider that as annoying. Next Bendu does not like really loud or over played music. And she does not like loud sounds. Sometimes is you do talk a lot she gets really anxious and will usually tell you to stop talking. Lastly she does not really like the word moist. In conclusion those are some things about my big sister Bendu.

What is it like to have a sister? Watch the video!

Even though my sister is VERY annoying we will always be sisters


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