Inside A Classic College Day Party A story told by photos - Courtesy of Blurr

Ahh, the classic day party. Also known as 'Dartys' or 'Daygers', they engulf college campuses around the country on any given weekend. An un-describable and completely unique experience - here's an under the hood look at what exactly goes down on those solo cup filled afternoons. No gimmies, no bull-shitting - this story is told entirely through real photos taken by the 'day partiers' themselves.

Now, everyone knows, a successful day party has three important ingredients.


That's definitely covered. However, to really make a day party pop it's good to add something a little extra..

That's One Way...

Or Another..

So the venue is all set, but what really makes a day party is the people. Here's every type of person you'll find at a day party, captured in their natural habitat..

First up, you need the 'front porch' squad, critical to setting the outside mood. These guys live and die by 'chilling' in all scenarios - and take their role of 'bouncer' incredibly seriously.
On the contrary, you always have that group of girls who live on the dance floor. Give them a speaker and a place to dance and they're good to go. They give others the confidence to get out there and strut their stuff, and are undeniably vital to getting a party ramped up..

While these types are important - we all know its the aggressive early drinker who really sets the mood. Often found bugging people to 'shotgun' or take shots with them, they're often unsuccessful and left to fulfil their conquests alone..

Not once, but twice

Naturally, you do have those people who valiantly try keep up with the top drinkers. This never ends well, and while not normal, can lead to the guy who's had one to many wallowing around aimlessly and confused in a make-shift swimming pool...

"Why is the floor blue?"

While he eventually finds his way to a bed or bathroom, you'll always start to see that one group who park themselves at the Beer Pong table. They know every drinking game rule under the sun, and are intent on staking a claim of masculinity by going 10-0 at Beer Pong. They'll perch there for a good few hours, before eventually 'giving up' the table to go and rest their throwing arm before the party that night.

"Elbow behind the table, bro"
So you have the chillers, the drinkers and the dancers. By this point, the parties in full swing.

Everyone's feeling it and having a good time, which is exactly when The Selfie Patrol come out in full force. Always have your wits about you, because these guys will be snapping you at your worst angle before you've had a chance to smile.

While they're out sniping whoever they can get their hands on, there's certainly one group who won't be getting caught out. The Balcony Stalkers. This group hang out up there like its the 'VIP' area of a club. They spend half their time looking down and judging the mere 'normals', and the other half trying to bring girls up to their ever-so mysterious 'VIP Balcony'. There's even rumors of bottle service on arrival...

'We have Grey Goose, I swear!'

Ridiculous antics are part and parcel of a 'day party', especially when people start to have a bit too much fun. Peer-pressured bad decisions are rife, with the best always caught on camera..

'Pour a beer from the roof' - What A Great Idea

Kudos to that guy, the life and blood of the party until the bitter end.

However, all good things must come to an end. As the sun sets across the quickly declining 'Darty' - people start to disperse and the party finally comes to a halt.

So, there you have it, an under the hood look at every type of person and scene that's expected at a 'classic college day party'. Ranging from the dance floor groupies to the guy who doesn't make it past the pre-game, day parties consist of an improbable yet impressive set of people. Diverse - definitely, but the beauty of a Day Party, or any shared experience for that matter, is people are brought together in three ways..




Life is just a collection of these shared experiences and memories. Capturing these moments tells stories - and there's none more raw and authentic than one captured by the people themselves. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words - a story captured by the people living and breathing it is worth much, much more than that.

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Sam Marley

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