Congratulations to our CISAC Honors Graduates

On Saturday June 13 we celebrated the accomplishments of the students in the Honors Program in International Security Studies. Students and their families participated in a virtual ceremony from around the world.

Elena Crespo

Political Science

Blood and Treasure, but Mostly Blood: Electoral Accountability and the All-Volunteer Force

Advisors: Kenneth Schultz

Elected to Phi Beta Kappa

Sophia Boyer

International Relations

AK-47s, Tanks, and F-16s: Understanding Shifts in Pakistan’s Conventional Military Strategy in the Post-Cold War Era

Advisors: H.R. McMaster; Gil-li Vard

Kelly Devens

Mechanical Engineering

Missile Motivations: Assessing Russian Noncompliance With The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

Advisors: Rod Ewing; Steven Pifer

2020 Winner – John Holland Slusser World Peace Prize

Samantha Feuer

International Relations

From the Shadows to the Front Page: State Use of Proxies for Cyber Operations

Advisors: Amy Zegart; Andrew Grotto

Andrew Lokay

International Relations, French

The Repatriation Dilemma: European Countries and Islamic State Foreign Terrorist Fighters

Advisors: Anna Gryzmala-Busse; Joseph Felter

Elected to Phi Beta Kappa

Antigone Xenopoulos

Symbolic Systems; Economics

Ties That Bind: U.S. Dual-Use Dependence on China

Advisor: Amy Zegart

2020 Winner – William J. Perry Prize

Elected to Phi Beta Kappa

Ben Boston

Political Science

America in East Africa: Security Partnerships, Aid Dependence, and Diplomatic Leverage

Advisor: Jeremy Weinstein

Bryan Metzger

International Relations

Lobbyists, Public Relations and “Malign Activities”: The JCPOA as a Case Study of Foreign Influence

Advisor: Colin Kahl

Eva Frankel


Guns, Germs, and Alleles: Analyzing Lone Insider Bioweapons Threats

Advisors: Tim Stearns; Megan Palmer

Adam Elliott


Keeping Pace: Analyzing Different Strategies For Governing Dual Use Risk Across United States Government Agencies

Advisors: David Relman; Megan Palmer

Jonah Martin Glick-Unterman

Political Science; Comparative Literature

The Cost-Capitulation Paradox: Compellent Signals, Sequences, and Selection Effects

Advisors: Scott Sagan; Condoleezza Rice

2020 Winner – Firestone Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Elected to Phi Beta Kappa

CISAC Honors Teaching Team