LEEMING SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL vOLume 6, september 2019

principal's address

Congratulations to Grady and all the students and staff that participated in the House Athletics Carnival on Friday 13 September. The aim of the day is participation and to create a sense of belonging for students. The participation rate from students was the highest we have seen. A thank you to our Health and Physical Education staff for their great organisation and the P&C volunteers who had a long hot day in the canteen area.

At the recent whole school assembly, we gave out many academic certificates to students across all year groups. It was also an important event as the School Captains launched the Community Awards. This award has been developed by the Student Council. Once again the aim is for students to further a sense of belonging and participation in something bigger than just themselves. Any student can nominate another student for any act that enriches a sense of school community. The nominated student will receive a certificate and both the nominee and nominator will get house points.

By now all Year 7 and 9 students should have received their NAPLAN results. If you have not received results, please contact reception. We are able to print off further copies.

The new school uniform is being progressively rolled out. The first item is the new lower school polo shirt. If you are unsure of the new uniform, please read the New Uniform Update in this newsletter. There is no requirement to purchase the new uniform until your child needs the old one replaced.

At the last School Board meeting we spoke about communication, particularly between parents and staff. It is a very complex situation initiated by either the parent or the teacher. For example, a parent may request information about academic or behavioral progress. In consultation with the school, the Board would like to create a policy around positive communication. The aim being to support the concerned parent but also not create an overwhelming workload for teachers. Hopefully this can be in place for the start of the 2020 school year.

Mr B. Wallwork, Principal

Class of '89- 30 Years Reunion

For those who would like to attend, there will be a reserved designated area in the Alfresco Area. Guests will be able to purchase their own food and drinks. Students from the Class of '89 and partners are welcome.

Also, students that were part of this year group at any stage but left prior to 1989 are also very welcome. Current teachers are welcome too!

Please RSVP to Nicky McManus (nee White) by 10 November so we can confirm numbers with the venue. nicky.mcmanus@icloud.com

Graduation Ball 1989


Thank you to all the parents who have already downloaded the School App. We hope you are finding it easier to access school information. At the moment 30% of our families have connected to the App. We hope to see many more requests in Term 4!

Term dates

Dates To Remember
  1. 23 September - Year 12 Mock Exams commence
  2. 27 September - OLNA Ends
  3. 27 September - Last Day Of Term 3
  4. 07 October - Week 2 Of Mock Exams
  5. 11 October - Year 12 ATAR Japanese Oral Exam Preparation Day
  6. 14 October - Pupil Free Day
  7. 15 October - Students Commence Term 4
  8. 16 October - Year 12 Students Return
  9. 22 October - Inter School Athletics Division B
  10. 23 October - Year 12 Final Assembly
  11. 23 October - Year 12 Lunch
  12. 28 October - Sports Persons Presentation In The PAC P4 and P5
  13. 29 October - Whole School Student Elections
  14. 30 October - ATAR Exams Commence
  15. 30 October - P&C Meeting in Staffroom 7.30 pm
  16. 04 November - Year 8 Vaccinations
  17. 06 November - 2nd Round Vaccinations
  18. 07 November - Inter School Triathlon
  19. 08 November - Free Dress Day - Fundraiser

The Arts

Dance - South Of The Swan At UWA

On 26 June our Year 7 to 12 Dance students participated in the 'South Of The Swan Dance Festival' at UWA. This show, organised every year, gives our Dance students the opportunity to perform a dance show in a semi-professional environment. All of our students put on a fantastic show!

South of the Swan 2019

The Music Learning Area has had an extremely busy and productive Term 3. At the Whole School Assembly in Week 5, the School Choir performed the National Anthem and the Percussion Ensemble helped to entertain the school with their piece, 'Evening News' by Chris Brooks. They were very well received and enjoyed by all as they played with confidence and power. Congratulations to all the music students involved for a fantastic contribution to the school.

Also in Week 5, our Senior Music students performed in the Senior Music Recital. For our Year 12 Music students, this was their final opportunity to perform both solo and in small ensembles for family and friends. Congratulations to all the students who performed and delighted the audience with their wonderful musical performances.

Our Junior and Senior Guitar ensembles recently performed in the WA Guitar Festival on the weekend of Week 5, 24-25 August. The Junior Ensemble received an award of Excellence and our Senior Guitar Ensemble received an Outstanding award. Congratulations to all students involved and our thanks to their director, Mr Nick Kostourkov for all his work and effort with the students in their guitar studies.

On Wednesday 11 September we held the Night of Musical Excellence, our main music concert for the year. It was a great night where the Junior and Senior ensembles performed with flair and passion. It truly was a night not to be missed. Congratulations to all students and well done in delivering the musical stories to a great audience. Special thanks to student helpers on the night, ensemble directors for their work and effort with students and to all the parents and families for their continued support.

On Saturday 14 September, the Junior Concert Band performed at the WA Junior Concert Band ABODA Festival at Churchlands Senior High School. Thirty-three excited Year 7 and Year 8 students played with heart and gave it their all for a wonderful performance. Afterwards, the ensemble took part in a workshop on stage with Peter Moore OAM, who has done much for music and music education in this state working with small children, students at university level and professional musicians. It was great to hear him talk about music in terms of making sounds like bouncing small balls rather than bouncing bricks and getting a "thud" sound. He reinforced the idea of how important all the other markings on the page were; ie, phrase, dynamics and articulation markings as these help to colour in music and give the magic effect to music. Peter also encouraged the students to play their music as if they were singing it! All great ideas for our students to think about. Special thanks to the ensemble director Ms Cristy Savage for her constant work and effort in teaching the students the art of concert band ensemble playing. Thanks again to all the parents and families who came along to support the students, it was a wonderful feeling to have a big support crew for the students. Well done to all involved.

Lastly, we wish all our Year 12 General Music and PSIM students all the very best with their final preparations for their upcoming exam weeks.

Our Music ATAR student, Wendy T., will have her final guitar performance exam in the first week of the October school holidays. We wish her well!

Ms M. Damos, Music Teacher

Term 3 has been an incredibly busy time for music students as Mrs Damos has pointed out. Our students have had at least 8 opportunities across the term to perform; that averages to almost one per week! Here is the list I have:

  • Multicultural Week (Choir, Rock Band, Percussion Ensemble)
  • WA Guitar Festival – congratulations for your awards!
  • Senior Music Recita
  • ABODA Band Festival
  • Leeming’s Got Talent
  • Night of Musical Excellence
  • Senior Band Workshop with Leeming Area Concert Band
  • School Assembly – thanks Percussion Ensemble and Choir!

The variety of performance opportunities is what makes our school unique, and students are able to perform in large ensembles, stand out in smaller groups and solo settings.

The Night of Musical Excellence was our biggest culmination of music of course, and I would like to give special thanks to Mrs Damos for her incredible work in organising this event which is a huge undertaking. The event ran smoothly and featured almost all of our musicians, student MC’s and supper for both concerts.

On another topic we have had a couple of guests to the school this term. Jacob Diffen assisted our Cert II Music students with stage-management for the Night of Musical Excellence. Mr Diffen is a student at WAAPA and on his way to being a professional in the music industry. Students had the opportunity to work with Mr Diffen on the evening and to talk to him in between about both WAAPA and working in the industry. You will see Mr Jacob Diffen performing with his band on the upcoming Channel 7 Telethon soon!

Jazz Band have also had master bass-player - originally from Malaysia - Jonathan Chen sit in and rehearse. Mr Chen will be joining us again when we perform at UWA in Term 4. He made several constructive and positive comments, including that he was surprised how well the band listened and ‘locked-in’ together musically.

Across the term we’ve also had Ms ‘t Hart working with us in music as a student-teacher from ECU. Ms ‘t Hart has brought her unique knowledge and skill-set to our school and been an absolute pleasure to work with. She has assisted with all classes, quickly gotten to know our students, and even completed a performance in Leeming’s Got Talent! We would like to thank her for her efforts and wish her all the best with her teaching career.

Last but not least, all of us have been stunned by the quality of student compositions this term. A Sound-Cloud account has been created so that you can hear some of the great creative work that has been completed here.


Mr G. Ryder, Music Teacher


The Young Writers Program – Write Club

The career of a writer is fraught with perils and uncertainty. What is certain, is the fact that 99 out of 100 submissions of a piece of writing will be knocked back by publishers, requiring the author to revise and improve it each and every time. We’re getting a head start on this statistic by writing in a range of thematic and structural genres, building a repertoire of skills necessary for members to succeed in ATAR English, and master multiple forms of creative writing. This term the YWP has been practicing writing Micro-Fiction and other forms of short stories in preparation for a range of competitions including: Storyathon and Write4Fun. These events not only challenge students to question every additional word and reinforces the idea of ‘quality, not quantity’, but also gives them a chance to have their work published nationally and receive constructive feedback they can apply to improve their ability. This year we had very unique short stories varying from a midlife crisis from a chair’s perspective that was supposedly destined for greatness, to an explanation of how cats use their superior intelligence to manipulate their owners. Most members also regularly engage in Peer Feedback exercises and work collaboratively to help other students revise, edit and adapt their scripts to be more exciting and expressive.

Next term is the beginning of NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. This event aims to motivate students and teachers to write an entire novel in the month of November, by setting learning goals and word targets, and trying their best to achieve them in a productive environment with like-minded people. The YWP will meet more frequently during the lead up to the event (Preptober) to plan an overview of their prospective novel, compete in Word Sprints to determine appropriate word targets that can be achieved and bounce ideas of one and another. Students can set any target they like, whereas teachers must reach at least 50, 000 words. If they are successful in reaching their goals, their stories will be published on the NaNoWriMo website, receive a published copy of their novel and a ‘Winners Certificate’. Keep an eye out for information about NaNoWriMo as the YWP would love more members to share their ideas for interesting and creative stories.

Law And Order

This term the Year 10 AEP students are studying the Film Noir Genre, a complex and distinctive style of film that rose to popularity during the 1940s and was used as a medium to critique cultural anxieties of the time, namely political corruption and immigration. The genre is an evolution of Detective Fiction, defined by household names such as Sherlock Holmes and Poirot. Allowing the Private Investigator (or detective) to be corrupted – not unlike modern day politicians – by the femme fatale, challenged the readers understanding of what it means to be a hero and reinforced the idea of realism within fictional texts. Leading towards a creative writing task, the Year 10 AEPs built upon vital collaborative, critical and creative thinking skills to solve a crime so diabolical that even Leeming SHS’s Principal Brendan Wallwork was a suspect. The Crime: Mr Mercer’s Murder.

In groups of 5-6, each student was assigned a role based around the standard character archetypes of the Film Noir Genre, including The Investigator, Femme Fatale and Side-kick; each having specific roles that could either help or hinder the investigation. After compiling the evidence found at the crime scene, the teams then had to evaluate multiple clues by analysing fake notes, anonymous tips, finger prints and the handwriting of their own group members. It was a race against the clock, as between Period 2 and Period 5 (we had a double period) another victim was found, Mr Wallwork – the Principal. New evidence, new suspects and new questions that needed answers brought out the competitiveness of the class, it was every group for themselves as they linked the evidence together piece by piece until a winner was crowned and a criminal (Mrs Mellor) was off the streets. From here, the students use this inquiry-based activity as stimulus and planning for a creative, short Film Noir story based around Law and Order: LSHS, these are their stories *dun dun* (coming to a Television Network near you).

Mrs J. Armstrong, English HOLA


Communicating Across The Ages With HASS

Menhir Magic

Year 7 AEP students have communicated Neolithic-style by creating their own menhir munchies. Large stone menhirs were the original signposts and students used this early form of communication, to tell a Stone Age tragedy. In this case they relayed the travails of the students’ favourite mystery mummy: Otzi the Iceman as he fell victim to changing times (and perhaps a wily mountain assassin) at the brink of the Copper Age.

Year 7 HASS
Egyptologist Honours Leeming With Her Visit

In August Leeming was honoured by the visit of Professor Patricia Piacentini, world renown egyptologist, archeologist, academic and author who came all the way from Milan University to address our AEP HASS and Year 12 Ancient History students in an inspiring and thought-provoking presentation.

From her student days decoding ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and the lives of student scribes to this year uncovering the secrets of the City of the Dead in the West Aswan Necropolis as leader of the Miaswan Project; her anecdotes of egyptologists and digs past and present meshed seamlessly with her fascinating discoveries. Students felt as if they climbed up ladders with her to reveal a secret side chamber behind a front stone which sheltered a rock cut coffin and Graeco-Roman nesting mummies. Inscriptions on both ornate coffins and wooden boxes, found as recently as April, have revealed in astonishing detail the lives of the ordinary and extraordinary Egyptians in the ancient past.

Professor Piacentini’s lecture painted a vivid picture of the exhilaration of discovery and the excitement of exhibiting archeological artefacts around the world. Students were surprised to hear that the most important qualification for joining an excavation is interpersonal skills, as teams spend long days on the dig and long evenings together in foreign hotels. Sharing the exhilaration of discovery and disappointing setbacks equally, they must be able to work together, using both ancient tomes and futuristic technology to discover Egypt’s forgotten treasures.

Not only an expert in her field, Professor Piacentini revealed herself to be an expert communicator in both lecture theatre and personally, as she interacted with the students one-to-one. Her kindness was evident in her earnest answers to students’ varied questions, and her patience and humour likewise, in listening to teacher translations of idiomatic Australian student language.

We are very grateful to Professor Piacentini for her generosity in sharing her time and expertise with our Leeming students. She in turn has confided that the engagement and interest of our Ancient History and AEP HASS students has been at least equal to any of the prestigious schools and universities she has visited!

Dressed For HASS

Book Week saw the HASS teaching team donning outrageous costumes to impersonate our favourite historical characters from the best books of history and historical fiction. Ancient Roman double agent Fulvia who helped foil the conspiracy in Sallust’s Conspiracy of Catiline, all conquering Julius Caesar from Plutarch’s Parallel Lives, Ancient Egyptian god Ra from the Book of the Dead and Pocahontas from The Other Side of History. Fun fictional greats included Meg the Witch and the brave but dangerous Medieval Knight Sir Lancelot who joined Edwardian Mary Poppins, time travelling Wanda and steampunk alternative-history icon Alexis. History has never looked so good!

HASS Teachers

Ms R. Murray, HASS Teacher


Language Perfect Championships

In Term 3, Leeming SHS students competed in the Language Perfect World Championships. Leeming placed 4th in the state out of the schools competing in the Japanese stream of the competition, which is an excellent achievement. Our students spent a combined 263 hours online and answered 243, 171 questions すごい!in addition, 52 of our students received an award for their participation.

The following students deserve special acknowledgement:

  • Josh T
  • Xiang C
  • Amberly S
  • Yi-Lin T

The above mentioned students achieved an Emerald Award, which means that they earned more than 5,000 points in the competition. みなさん、よくがんばりましたね。

Ms S. Burrows, Japanese Teacher


Book Week– Reading Is My Secret Power

Throughout Week 5, the Library had different displays and activities happening each day to celebrate reading.

Leeming SHS was very fortunate to host a presentation to our Year 8 students by famous Australian author – Morris Gleitzman. He had some very interesting tales to share about his books and his life and several students and staff had a chat with Mr Gleitzman and also got autographs.

SECRET DATE WITH A BOOK: Selected books were wrapped in coloured paper with the blurb on the outside. Students then borrowed the book without seeing what it looked like – Don’t judge a book by its cover.

A huge new selection of manga, fiction, biographies and autobiographies were also on display

SECRET LEGO POWER CHALLENGE: Students were given a topic and they had to build something out of Lego. Thank you to our very capable judge - Mr Welsh, who had the very difficult task of choosing the winners. Jess and Grace were the overall winners of the finals with their fantastic phoenix and her chick.

Jess and Grace, Our Winners!

THE MOVIE OF THE WEEK was Goosebumps 2, which the students thoroughly enjoyed watching while munching on popcorn.

BOOK WEEK COSTUME PARTY: Staff and students dressed up as their favourite book character or super hero and were invited to the Library at lunchtime on Friday 23 August to join in the fun with some yummy treats, snacks and prizes for the best costumes. There were a lot of amazing outfits worn by both students and staff.

State Chess Tournament Results

Congratulations to the Leeming Chess team for coming third in the State Chess Tournament. Unfortunately, they were pipped for second spot by half a point but still received an invite to compete in the National Chess Tournament in Melbourne.

A huge effort by all the players, with Dylan K., Jay S., Eugene P., Jiung H. and Marcus R. being the top players.

Well done to everyone!

Ms Chris Steel, Teacher Librarian


So, lots of news and buzz happening around the Mathematics department in the last few weeks!. The Australian Mathematics Competition results are in. As we have come to expect, we had some strong results across ALL the year groups. Highlights included 30 distinctions placing those students in the top 20% within their year group. Cameron H. and Jiung H., both of Year 9, went one better placing in the top 3% which is a huge achievement. However, special congratulations must go to Lechen W. for scoring Best in School and a prize recognising him as being in the top 1% within his year group, a remarkable result. Well done Lechen!

Congratulations to our latest participants in the Have Sum Fun Online competition, particularly our Year 9 team of Kai L.T., Zara H., Dylan L. and Murphy S. who placed second across the state. Our podium placed mathematicians are shown below!

Within the maths department several classes have been enjoying the spring weather and have taken the opportunity to move the classroom out to the oval. The current geometry module lends itself well to practical use of Pythagoras’s Theorem, similar triangles and trigonometry. Wherever possible our teachers like to highlight the practical use of maths as an essential and practical subject and not just a series of numbers and letters in a textbook! Below is a picture of Mr Yong’s class using inclinometers and to gather angle measurements.

Mr Yong told us that “the students had to work in groups to calculate the height of a number of tall objects including goal posts, trees or lampposts. They measured the angle of elevation using an inclinometer and the horizontal distance to the object to calculate its height. The students had a great time, experiencing first hand one of many practical applications of trigonometry.”

Finally, we would like to wish our Year 12 students the best of luck for the final few days of school and in the upcoming exams for those studying ATAR. As a cohort you have been hard-working and committed and we all wish you well.

Mr J. Giddings, Math Teacher


Mrs Hayrebet (Home Economics) and I were involved in planning the Multicultural Festival which was held at the school on Friday 9 August in conjunction with Leeming Senior High School Ed Support.

Multicultural Day 2019

We ran many activities on the day such as food tasting, Henna tattoos, a fun photo booth, performances from the LSHS Music Band, Dance groups and the Choir.

Multicultural Day 2019

We also had the very talented Amy Jones play the bagpipes, Spanish dancing by Farida from Casa del Compás and the help of the artist Nathan Hoyle to complete the stunning wall mural.

Multicultural Day 2019

The Japanese exchange students were amazing at their origami and calligraphy skills and their contribution to our Multicultural Festival this year was much appreciated.

Ms B. Carter, School Chaplain

Physical Education

Athletics 2019 - Grady Are Back To Back Winners!

The House Athletics Carnival was held on Friday September 13 2019. The day was a freak hot and humid one for this time of year, but the competitors were not deterred and they battled on regardless. In the lead up to the carnival all Triple Jump, High Jump, Javelin and 1500 meter events had been conducted during lunchtimes as well as the annual Straight Six. This year we decided to follow a similar format to the inter school completion, putting students into divisions and only taking the 4 fastest times, throws & jumps in each of the events.

The Athletics program had been run for the past 7 weeks during Physical Education classes preparing students for the big day.

The day itself ran smoothly and on schedule, with presentations for the champion athletes and the Straight Six slotting in perfectly before the end of the school day.

There were some outstanding performances on the day by students. And also one of our biggest turn outs of senior school students ever, which added to the fun and excitement of one of the best sporting school days of the year.

A huge amount of effort goes into this day, and a huge thank you goes out to the entire Physical Education staff for their tireless work in the lead up to the carnival with events and also on the day. In addition, many thanks to the staff from other departments who turned up early to help set up all the events with the PE staff and also those who helped the day run smoothly.

Congratulations to the individual champions for 2019. To achieve this result, athletes need to compete in a wide range of activities that require strength, skill, stamina and of course determination.

Mrs J Graham, Physical Education and Health Teacher


The Science and Technology Academy- An Approved Specialist Program

Term 3 Challenge- Primary School Visits

This term STA members have been attending after-school workshops to prepare a Science Show for visiting primary school students. Leeming Primary School visited on Thursday 19 September, and West Leeming Primary School will visit in Week 10. The students have put a lot of thought into their explanations and demonstrations to present to the students.

Science Week

In Week 9 Leeming celebrated National Science Week. There were many activities taking place including virtual reality, robotics, Science Shows and the attempt to view the Sun through our Solar Telescope which was unsuccessful due to the clouds. Ms Steel and the Library staff organised Science displays and students across the school had the opportunity to experience virtual reality using the VR goggles. During Science lessons there were special activities including TED Talks for kids, games, quizzes and competitions.

Winners Of The Big Science Competition

Each year all STA members participate in the BIG Science Competition. Many of our students achieved High Distinction and Credit awards in the competition this year.

Congratulations go to the following students who achieved a High Distinction in the competitions:

  • Year 7: Cayley A., Nicholas C. and Kaveeshan M.
  • Year 8: Ben A., Taine N. and Josh T.
  • Year 9: Alice J. and Thomas U.
  • Year 10: Dylan P.
Year 7 Science IQ competition

Earlier this term Year 7 STA members had the opportunity to participate in the second round of the Science iQ competition. One of our year 7 teams won the state-wide competition! Congratulations go out to:

  • Jemma M.
  • Leticia W.
  • Kaitlyn P.
  • Deppika P. R.
Scitech Lab On Legs Incursion

In Term 4, Year 8 STA members had the opportunity to participate in a forensics workshop brought to us by CSIRO Lab on Legs. Lab on Legs is a hands-on mobile science and technology laboratory where students can explore practical applications of science, use specialist equipment and engage in industry-relevant scenarios. Lab On Legs outreach program. Students use science inquiry skills to investigate evidence collected from the scene of a crime. They make observations, analyse results and develop explanations.

ChemCentre Incursion

Year 10 STA members will have the opportunity to participate in the ChemCentre outreach presentation exploring Careers in Chemistry in Term 4. They will learn about the applications of chemistry in crime scene investigations, managing chemical spills and threats, boarder control and analytical chemistry.

Dr E. Janes, Science HOLA

Health centre

Message from the School Psychologist

On Thursday 12 September 2019, staff and students attended two separate events to build awareness of the RU OK? message and help start a conversation that could change a life.

Staff enjoyed an amazing array of cakes while students visited the Conversation Cafe for hot chocolate and a muffin.

Special thanks to the Home Economics staff and students who prepared the delicious treats, decorated the cafe space and were available to serve students.

It was great to see everyone participate and help Leeming SHS promote events which align with its broader Act Belong Commit initiative.

Ms S. Boyd, School Psychologist

Message From The School Nurse

The school celebrated Women's Health Week from the 2-6 of September with displays in the Library and Staff Room and a general Wellness and Heart Health Check clinic run on Thursday 5 September for our female staff.

As mentioned above, R U OK? Day was supported throughout the school on 12 of September with information about mental health from Act Belong Commit and R U OK? made available to both students and staff.

R U OK? Day is held every year and it focuses on starting a conversation that could change a life. The R U OK? website has many resources to help you or help start the conversation with somebody you believe might need it.

Mental Health Day will be held nationally on 10 October and will also focus on reminding people that mental illness doesn't need to be suffered alone and highlighting the many organisations that can be someone's first step towards getting help. Starting the conversation is the first step.

Mental Health and Young People

Raising sensitive issues and working to resolve problems that arise along the way can sometimes be challenging with young people. As a parent it can often be hard to know the difference between normal behaviour, such as moodiness, irritability and withdrawal and an emerging mental health problem. If a young person develops a mental health problem, it is important that they get help early.

A mental health illness usually develops slowly over time. Most parents know when something is really different. For more information and to find out how to get help you can visit the headspace website: www.headspace.org.au

Asthma Management in Spring

Asthma is one of the most common chronic childhood conditions, affecting 1 in every 10 children in Australia. Emergency admissions peak during winter and flare-ups are often more prevalent during spring. Good management can help children with asthma and their carers get through this tricky time of year with more confidence.

Asthma Week (1-7 September)

Asthma Week marks the first week of spring and reminds people with asthma or allergies that they now need to take extra care. Pollens from grasses, weeds or trees can trigger allergic responses, causing asthma and hay fever to flare-up. Asthma and hay fever are closely linked, and approximately 80% of people with Asthma also have hay fever.

About Asthma And Hay Fever
  • Find out what triggers a student's hay fever and try to avoid these allergens when possible
  • Corticosteroid nasal sprays are the most effective medicine for persistent hay fever. They need to be taken regularly to work properly.
  • Antihistamine tablets or nasal sprays are the most common choice for people with hay fever. They help to relieve the symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes and nasal congestion.
  • Continue to take asthma medication every day as prescribed to reduce the likelihood of hay fever and asthma flare-ups.

Leeming Senior High School is an Asthma Friendly School and we follow the Asthma Australia Policy for Education Centres.

Reminder: The nurse does NOT give medications e.g. Antihistamines or Paracetamol to students. If your child suffers with hay fever symptoms in the morning, please give your child a non-drowsy long acting antihistamine before school and if your child has no symptoms on waking please give your child an antihistamine to bring to school in case symptoms occur at school.

Note: If your child has hay fever symptoms please speak to your doctor or pharmacist to know what is the best course of treatment for your child's circumstances.

Deb Kitak (School Nurse)

Chaplains Chat

It has been a great term to see the students mature. The Year 8-12 students have been using the new table tennis tables and we have seen much talent in Leeming's Got Talent. How clever are our students! This year the teacher's band also performed at Leeming's Got Talent, how good was that!

The Multicultural event was a fantastic day, having fun while learning about other cultures.

We took 7 students to the Governor's Prayer Breakfast on Friday 6 September. The students did a great job at representing the school!

I have just started the first group of the Rock and Water 8-week program. This program teachers life skills, how to deal with bullying and believing in yourself.

Rock: The rock quality stands for the awareness of one’s own possibilities and personal path in life. It experiences and accepts the tasks and responsibilities which it carries. It is conscious of meaningfulness and vocation.

Water: The water quality stands for the insight and experiences that people, in fulfilling their path through life, meet other persons at the deepest level; that essential boundaries between people do not really exist and that this deep sense of solidarity implies genuine communication as a matter of course .

Mr C. Hough, Chaplain

Governor's Prayer Breakfast

On September 6 a bus of seven students and supervising staff headed off from Leeming SHS at 6.20 am to the Crown ball room for the 27th Governor’s Prayer Breakfast. We were given a lovely breakfast and there were speeches by The Honourable Kim Beazley the Governor of Western Australia.

The Key note speaker was Mr Brian Pickering who is the National coordinator of the Australian Prayer Network. There were prayers from Hon Nick Goiran MLC for Nation and State, Mr Rhys Edwards for Business and work, Ms Wendy Yapp for the community and public Sector and Ms Leigh Riddle for the youth. This was a well- attended event with over one thousand people in attendance, among them many schools, churches and community groups like the Scouts.

The students who attended were Elisha A., Cayley A., Anzel L., Grace B., Isabella B., Louisa V.D. , Corwyn S. along with Carl Hough and Myself.

Some of their comments were – “An Amazing event. Brian Pickering’s sermon about faith and prayer will be very useful.”

“The Governor’s prayer Breakfast was very good. It was a yummy breakfast and good music. It was so great to have breakfast with all of these great, nice people. All of the speakers were nice. I liked Wendy Yapp (who prayed for the community and Public sector), Leigh Riddle (who prayed for the youth) they were all inspiring”.

“It was nice to have the opportunity to be able to come to this breakfast. The food and assistance was very good. Leigh Riddle's speech / prayer was very inspiring and she loved doing what she was doing and it taught me to enjoy work.”

“The Governor’s Prayer Breakfast was AMAZING. I learnt so much and Brian Pickering’s stories have really made me think deeply about my faith.”

“The Governor’s Prayer Breakfast was a great experience. The Guest speaker this year was Brian Pickering, was great! Highly recommended.”

“This was a great opportunity, I really enjoyed listening to all the speakers. Meeting the Governor was truly a once in a life time opportunity. Listening to Kerry-Ann Winmar’s story was wonderful and hearing these stories from all these people was amazing”.

I would like to thank all the parents who drove the students to school when it was still dark at about 6.00 am and their smartly dressed children, who represented our school. It was great to have our school at this function. We would like to also thank the Leeming Uniting Church for the donation of the 10 tickets to our school. This is something they have been doing for many years now and their generosity is truly appreciated.

Feel free to give me a call or book a time to have a chat if you would like to.

Mrs B. Carter, Chaplain



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New Uniform Update

As you are already aware, Leeming Senior High School will be introducing new uniforms throughout 2019 and 2020.

The new Sports Polo (all years) and Junior Polo ( Year 7,8 & 9) are available now for $32 each.

Towards the end of this year, the Senior Polo and Sports Shorts (Female & Unisex) will be available. The new jackets should be arriving in March 2020. Sizing kits are available now. Please place your orders early to ensure availability of stock. No payment required until collection of garment.

All current uniforms can still be worn and handed down to siblings. There is not deadline to change over.

Any questions can be directed to the Uniform Shop on 08-9237 6858.

Our next Newsletter will be published on the 06 November 2019. Until then, remember to contact us should you have any queries.