What is the Liturgy? By:Gerardo Alfaro

The Liturgy is the he participation or public worship of the People of God preforming the work of Jesus. The Liturgy is also a celebration of divine worship but also the proclamation of the Gospel.

Mass is a true sacrifice which is offered to God through the ministry of priest. They offer themselves to God.

The community is all of Gods children that share in his love for us. The liturgy is where all of the community goes to praise God.

Liturgical diversity in the church is the differences that each person believes in during the liturgy, it may bring tension between two people.

The liturgy is unified because all of the members of the community are taking part in praising God but it is diverse because people have different ways of praying.

Gerardo Alfaro March1,2017 period A. I have neither given nor received unauthorized help on this work.


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