Portfolio Ethan Powell

Since this portfolio was finished probably within 48 hours of reading this, I hope it's good and fresh. After all, people don't eat stale food, why should they read stale words. That’s why The Bible is reprinted so many times, so Gideon’s don’t hand out stale Bibles to schoolchildren. It’s fresh, new, and completely unexpected what you will find, it’s almost as if completing it late adds value, something that can’t really be attained with a “well done try hard worked on it the whole semester and seen pretty much all of it at check-ins” attitude. It’s a bit like going to a Japanese steakhouse. You’re fed bit by bit at a time and when you actually get your food you’ve already eaten half your rice mountain, stolen food from everyone else’s plate, and don’t really feel like eating anymore. “I’ve never had that happen before,” you reply, “because I don’t have the appetite of an anorexic 2x4 and actually finish what my hard earned American dollars payed for.” Well you know how they have that but that one guy in the party orders sushi, generally gets his food early, and when it finally comes out he doesn’t feel sick with all the food he’s eaten? This portfolio is that. Made with skill out of the eye of the customer. Fast, elegant, and precise, this portfolio is the epitome of efficiency and craftsmanship. Or that cafeteria sushi you buy when you’re on lunch break. But since we aren’t maniacs and a sense of morality still exists in the world we won’t buy refrigerated sushi from the Chic-Fil-A in the Union and pretend this is a nice and exemplary showcase of learning and understanding.

Speaking of understanding, there is a specific way I write things. I’ve always thought of myself as a man of few words, more focused on action than communication. I’ve always naturally struggled to fill word counts because often times I thought I had already said what I needed to say, and I always feel like there isn’t much to talk about unless it’s a subject I deeply enjoy. That was a big barrier I had to overcome when writing this portfolio. While writing was the easiest way I could see to finish the project while still having a satisfactory amount of work in it, it meant I had to write and talk about a subject more than what I already do. I still fear some of my exhibits are too short even though I’ve gone back through them and tried to pad them, but when padding you don’t really add anything useful to the paper and that’s the unfortunate thing. It’s hard to create a meaningful discussion about something I view in a matter of fact way. Things like talking processes, in depth analysis of something I only really view on the surface. Some may think that I don’t really put too much thought into these. I do, it’s just difficult to talk on and on about something that I’m required to do, and if given the chance to work as I please, I could give a true in depth review. But that’s sort of life, I realize. You can’t enjoy everything, and while this portfolio is helpful, you can tell which exhibits I enjoyed more than others by the word count. Not to say that the other exhibits aren’t in depth, I think I am getting in depth even with a low word count. It’s sort of how I see things, it’s my process. I guess more than anything, writing this reflection sort of teaches me more about what works for me than methods to learn things. Using this information, I work in ways that are most efficient to me, and utilize those kinds of tactics in the future. Because things work best when you work with things instead of against them. I’ve sort of learned how to work alongside the work, and have the process operate parallel with me. I suppose that’s probably the most important thing I could learn from this assignment. Its slowly helping me learn how to work at my maximum efficiency. I can work in a way that produces results and not be anxious or stressed or have writers block that seriously affects my work. It’s a good feeling really.

Citation note: All images used in this portfolio are stock images. Therefore, I do not think any citations are needed. Neither have I published any work, so there's no need to cite myself.

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