My Fathers Miracle Jessica Nyamekye

The story is about a boy and his grandfather that goes fishing every summer. His father had work all the time so he went fishing with his grandfather. His grandfather would always take him to the river, catching fish. his grandfather would always talk bout his times when he first came to Chicago. His grandfather even built their house! While they were fishing his grandfather said that the river was once clean, now its filthy. Me and my grandfather would always see boxes, sometimes they would even see dead fish. When me and my grandfather caught a fish we brought it home, we were going to cook it but my mother said no because it unhealthy fish. So they decided to stop bringing the fish home. So when they would go fishing they would catch a fish then but it back. But they would mostly stay home , and they were sad that they had too. Two days after Christmas , he read an article about the river. It said that workers from the Sanitary and Ship Canal had done done something impossible. They dug a big whole that the river rushed away from the lake so it could go the west. He and his grandfather were so excited to go fishing again.

I can infer that he and his grandfather love to go fishing. The ending of the story is happy because in the story they couldn't go fishing anymore because the river was filthy , and in the ending they could go fishing again. The story doesn't relate to my life. Nothing similar happened to me before.

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