Artificial Intelligence Arturo ernand

A. My understanding of artificial intelligence is that us humans create these computers systems that can do things we usually do on a daily basis. B. After doing this project I feel it didn't really change my understanding because the research was more or less along the same lines.

What was the intention of creating all the synthetics? Because the addition of a robotic servant to the household will give them back the time they so desperately need.
Waking up in the morning and not having to worry about making myself breakfast or getting school things ready is definitely something artificial intelligence could help me it with. After that, it would go with me to school and copy down any notes or important things the teacher says during class. Once school is over it could drive me to my soccer practice and later take me back home. Getting back home around 7:30 would be enough time for it to prepare dinner for my family and I. Lastly, it would take care of my clothes and leave everything ready for the next day.

Android Bill of Rights- None, because it is not a human being or living thing. Android Bill of Restrictions- Freely roam when owner is not around or interact with anyone other than my family. The synthetic could come across a thief or its knowledge of the world could grow.

As shown in the picture my fear of artificial intelligence in the future is that we become very dependent of these things. Clearly portrayed here, it feels as if this would be a step back in our evolution.

Top Reasons- 1. Mankind will grow to be lazy and less intelligent as the synthetics will be doing our jobs. 2. With the synthetics doing our jobs humans would lose their income and eventually would result in an economic meltdown. 3. Synthetics would get smarter and smarter by the day and eventually realize humans are of no use which could lead to our extinction. 4. Synthetics could be hacked and become extremely dangerous. 5. Humans would lose many social skills and interactions between one another would become less frequent.

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