Embracing Chaos Student Connections through Aesthetic Media

Aesthetic Media Project

Project Parameters:

  • Students will examine the roles of artistic license and aesthetic value in entertainment media.
  • As individuals, students will scrutinize and draw personal conclusions on art and design principals and the aesthetic value of a media product.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will synthesize the art and design principals they have studied throughout the year to produce a final piece of media that represents their best work.
  • Students will individually create a multimedia based piece of art that communicates a message from a song or piece of poetry.
  • Students will evaluate and reflect on the aesthetic value based on the class’ (i.e. the public's) response to their media products.

Growth Oppurtunities

Creativity as a catalyst for growth...

Stimulate students' creative process...

Embracing chaos...

Essential Questions:

  • How can technology and media be used to immerse viewers in an emotional experience?
  • How do changes in media and technology effect artists and producers of media?


After examining the roles of artistic license and aesthetic value, you will create a multimedia-based piece of art that visually communicates a message and emotion in an artistic manner. You may choose to use a song, soliloquy, public speech or poem as inspiration. However, the emphasis should be on creating something new that exemplifies your own artistic expression; not on making a literal interpretation of another person’s perspective.


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