Building a Better Tomorrow A commitment making Dexter Southfield the premier PreK-Class 12 school in Greater Boston

The announcement of Building a Better Tomorrow was a historic moment for the Dexter Southfield community. Like the Athletics & Wellness Initiative before it, Building a Better Tomorrow had an immediate impact on our School. Each division now has its own learning environment, the Middle School and Upper School gained significant classroom space, and we are offering more clubs and student activities. The campus transformation allows our students to achieve, create, and compete with passion, pride, and purpose.

Todd Vincent, Head of School

Spring 2019

In March 2019, Dexter Southfield announced Building a Better Tomorrow, a $15-million project to transform the campus and improve the student experience for all grades. Just three months after the announcement, Dexter Southfield broke ground on the project’s major component, a new lower school complex for PreK-Class 5.

Fall 2019/Winter 2020

Just three months after the announcement, Dexter Southfield broke ground on the project’s major component, a new lower school complex for PreK-Class 5. The project was led by Delbrook | JKS CEO and Dexter Southfield Alumnus Mike Fish '97.

In just 11 months, fundraising exceeded $12M, including an initial gift of $5M from the Gui Family, the largest gift in the School’s history. Our early investors included parents from each division, parents of alumni, and grandparents. With each conversation, we learned about the pride families have for our School and the collective excitement for our strong future.

Spring 2020

Despite the challenges of the spring, construction continued on Building a Better Tomorrow. The construction team remained committed to keeping our project on schedule and on budget and following all necessary health and safety guidelines.

Fall 2020

On Thursday, August 27, after nearly six months away from campus, nearly 1,200 Dexter Southfield students, faculty, and staff returned to full-time, on-campus learning. In recognition of their historic gift to the School, the building was named in honor of the Gui family.

The Gui Building added 33,000 square feet to our campus footprint, allowing for our more than 970 students in PreK-Class 12 to safely learn, create, and compete together on campus.

"I love that every student comes in through the main doors, and the first thing they do is look down through the glass overlooking the Reading and Learning Center. They see themselves there and are ready to learn."

Dr. Marlena Alex, Head of the Lower School

"What surprised me the most is that you can see the ocean from the top floor! We have so many floors and rooms to use."

Heer, Girls' Class 3

"The ceilings are so high. Construction happened so fast which surprised me. Feels so much bigger on the inside."

Benjamin, Boys' Class 5

"I love the cargo net. It’s cool to climb up and read there. The new building has so many cool features."

Hudson, Boys' Class 4

"I was surprised with the library. Most libraries have books and chairs only. But it’s awesome that Dexter Southfield really thought about how to make spaces that help make kids like reading more. It’s like they worked around the clock to make this building happen! It makes me look forward to school and doing new things."

Theo, Boys' Class 4

"The library is really comfortable! I love going in there to read."

Jackson, Boys' Class 5

"I like the multipurpose rooms. The rooms are open, bright, and have so many windows! It is great to be in spaces different from the classroom."

Emerson, Girls' Class 5

The classrooms have been a game changer for us. Instead of portrait style setup, they are landscape. They are longer across, which brings more children in closer proximity to the teacher and everything is more interactive."

Sam Gacicia '08, Boys' Class 5 Teacher

"When I look up at the new building, I see so many classrooms!"

Adeline, Girls' Class K

"The Innovation Lab is very fun! We recently worked on haunted houses and used science and math to create unique structures. We used measurements and architectural plans to create multiple floors and either stairs or elevators to move from one floor to the next."

Maddie, Girls' Class 5

"The new Innovation Lab opens the door to so many opportunities for our students. It provides a space where the children can explore, get things wrong, and try again. The hands-on, project-based learning we do in this space strengthens their math, critical thinking, language, and science skills and builds teamwork."

Liz Briody, Lower School STEM Teacher