The History of Bocce Ball By: Tori & RAegan

How to Play

The object of the game is to get your ball closest to the target ball. The closer you are to the target ball the more points you get.

  • You can play individually (only 2 players can play), or as a team (4 players, 2 per team)
  • There are 4 balls to a side or team
  • The target ball is thrown
  • Whichever team gets closest to the target ball by throwing their 4 get the points
  • The game ends once a team/player gets 12 points


Bocce Ball is believed to have originated in Egypt in 5200 B.C. where an English scientist, Sir Francis Petrial, found a painting of people playing the sport.


Bocce Ball diffused through relocation diffusion. In 600 B.C. Bocce Ball spread from Egypt Greece and Rome through movement. At that time anyone was allowed to play. In 1319 A.D. the sport became a royal sport because it took away time from more important tasks that workers would be required to do. In 1519 it became a public sport and spread to Flanders, Holland, Italy, and Belgium. In modern day Italy Bocce was almost banned because of the large popularity, and noblemen getting hit in the street. In 1896 Guissepi Garibaldi, an Italian Politician, helped Bocce Ball regain popularity by holding the first Bocce Olympiad in Athens. Since then Bocce has been an international sport.


Bocce Ball is played all over Europe like Rome, England, and Belgium. The most players of Bocce are located in Italy. Throughout recent years Bocce had spread to the Western Hemisphere when Italians move or visit North and South America.

Fun Facts

  • Bocce Ball is part of the Special Olympics and is being proposed to be apart of the Olympics
  • Bocce Ball used to be played using rocks, coconuts, and oranges
  • In 1576 the Republic of Venice outlawed bocce because it was a form of gambling
  • Bocce comes from the Italian word "boccia" which means bowl

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