WW || Begins Laney mcmillan #7

World War Two was a awful, emotional, and scary time in the world were there was war and a lot of deaths.
Adolf Hitler was the dictator of the German army also known as the Nazis. Adolf Hitler was a evil man who wanted to make Germany powerful again.
Benito Mussolini was the dictator of the Italy army, and took power in Italy
Francisco Franco was the dictator of the Spain army, Francisco Franco took over Spain with help from Mussolini.
Joseph Stalin took control of the Soveit Union, a communist country. That had formed from many countries after the Russian revolution.
Hideki Tojo was named prime minister. To get more resources they planned to invade more nations Asia and the Pacific.

During WW|| America was just staying neutral and stay out of the war.

This was five of the dictators of World War Two and this is the beginning of WW||.

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