Art III Portfolio Emily Shonk

This is my first attempt at using oil paint. It shows a red car driving down a rainy road. It's dark out and people are walking along the sidewalk. Bright street lights light the way and colorful leaves hang along the trees. I was inspired by a piece of art I found called Melody of the Night. I made this with oil paints. This painting shows that there are good sides to everything that someone might perceive as bad. A lot of people dislike the dark and the rain, but this displays how beautiful it can be. My goals for this were to expand my painting ability by using a different kind of paint, I wanted this painting to be very vibrant, and I wanted it to be rainy.

This is my Relief Clay. It is a blue cat. It's eyes are squinting, it's nose is sticking out, and it's paws are hanging out. I created this by building up the clay to give it the 3D effect. I don't really have a theme for this piece. I just wanted a cute cat to hang on my wall. (: My goals for this was to create a furry texture, create the 3D effect, and use my own idea for the picture. My overall feelings toward this piece is very disappointed. The dark blue and light blue were a lot more different than I expected. I wanted a gradient, shady look, and I didn't get that.

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