How the British Empire Took Over India Written By: Paxton Felderman, Hannah Irwin, Breanna Steines, & Nathan Rentz

All the red indicates what the Bristish Empire ruled in the 1920's

In the 1600s the British came and wanted to take over India, but India was a very strong nation back in the day. One day in 1738 Iran came into India and did an invasion and it showed that India was not as strong anymore like they use to be. India realized this and then the British took over India with force. The British army was well organized and they had skills that India armies didn’t have. It made it easy for the British to come in and take over the land and then they also kicked out the India’s colonial powers.

India would help the British build critical ports. The ports would allow ships and boats to come in and that would allow trading to happen. The British could ship resources that were needed in and also export them out as needed. The empire would then grow from there and would have a good trade with other colonies. India broke away from the British Empire in 1947 because it became independent. Not long after India had a civil war in the same year of 1947. The British Empire ended in 1997.

India is a third world country because of the British. The Britain's held India from developing into the society we see today. India had poverty and there was famine and nationalism when Britain had control of India. India however did benefit the British in every way. India would have to give up their crops to the British and this caused starvation and famine. A drought was also taking place during this time. India had heavy taxes because of the British. When they finally broke away from the British, their taxes went down, the population went up, and people can live freely. India is known as the birthplace of the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism. India's tradition of dance has dated back more than 2,000 years ago. The food sources varied with cooking sources. Wheat, Basmati rice, and pulses with chana is important to the staples of their diet. The food is usually rich with spices, hot peppers, and cinnamon. India’s language started as Hindi and changed into English after the British Empire Colonized India.


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