Simple machines "think do test" packet


Restate: Yesterday I made a simple pendulum concept that was totally basic. It was sort of stable and didn't fall down.

Result: But in the test, it failed. Was not stable enough or heavy enough to knock down the blocks. The pendulum could not stay still when you took back the tire. The tire was not heavy enough to have a big impact on the blocks.

Produce: Today I want to add some weight to the tire and make the base of the pulley more stable. If there is more weight, it will swing much faster and with more velocity.

For our pendulum we utilized the holes in the table as a stablility factor. We stuck rods into the holes to prevent our pendulum from sliding. We also made it have two wheels rather than one and overall made the pendulum bigger. We also added two tires on the back for some weight. Without us using the holes in the table, th pendulum might swing then slide and miss the tartget or barely touch it. It knocked down the blocks each and every time.

Challenge #2 Pulley System

Description: We must create a pulley system to lift up a certain amount of equal weight effectively 3 inches high.

Criteria: Must lift 3-4 small objects at a time or a single object of equal weight. Must use a pulley, must include a platform to hold the cargo, and must contain a mechanism to lift and lower the platform manually.

Think: We are going to be making an elevator out of a pulley system. We are trying to figure out how to make a pulley that has a mechanical crank and has a platform attached to the pulley

Do: we made a simple pulley machine to get us started on our way towards a good working pulley system.

Think 1/12/17: Today I want to make a platform for our pulley system. Also maybe expand the size of the whole unit to be able to hold 3 blocks. Also we think we might make the unit more stable overall.

Do: we made a good platform, but didn't have enough time to complete the entire assembly.

Think 1/13/17: we want to just complete the pulley assembled and connect the platform to the pulley. Connecting the platform to the pulley is key for today.

Do: we successfully made a pulley that can in fact lift 3 blocks 3 inches in the air effectivley and stay stable while lifting up the platform.

Think 11/17/17: today we want to get a video of our pulley being in action. Plus, fix some minor flaws on the unit. After we get video and fix up our pulley, we are going to begin the assembley of the lever.

Do: today we completely finished our pulley. We fixed all of the minor flaws. We got a video of our pulley successfully lifting 3 blocks 3 inches of the ground.

Lever challenge #3

Think 1/18/17: today we want to start the assembley of our lever. We want to get some progress done and get as far as we can. Making a simple lever that works today is key. Once we have created the lever, we need to write the description and criteria for the challenge.

Do: today we made a lever. At first it was just a simple lever. Now we added a lot of stability and made it to a successfull lever.

Think 1/19/17: today we need to check the criteria of the lever and double check that are lever meets the requirements. Criteria, the catapult must be composed of vex iq components. The catapult must use a lever of some kind. The catapult must launch the designated objet at lest one foot in distance. Must complete these requirements 2/3 times.

Do: today We successfully made our lever. We made the pulley that can meet all of the requirements.

Think: 1/20/17: today we want to get video of our lever in action. We need to have it show that the lever can shoot the block 1 foot. Then share the video so we can add it to our slide show.

Do: today we did exactly we thought we would. We got the pulley in video and shared it with each other.


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