Ticket Pour L'Espace Wednesday 27th February 2019

We had a great start back after February half term with another 'incroyable performance' in French and English from Onatti! This is the third year that Onatti have performed for Great Crosby and the children always thoroughly enjoy their shows. It is a wonderful experience for the children to see their French language learning put to use by being able to follow a live production in French and English!

Here's the outline of the story:

Jack won first prize. His prize is a trip on a Space rocket, a French space rocket. He is so excited to be going into space! Jack will be on the space craft with another child who also won – she is French and speaks little English. All the instruments on the spaceship are in French and mission control only communicates in French – but that is okay because Jack knows some French words. Soon after take-off there is a malfunction and they are sent 65000 miles out into space!

Thank you to all the parents and families for supporting the return of 'Onatti', the French/English theatre company who amazed us once again with a fabulous show. Years 3 to 6 thoroughly enjoyed it! Onatti said the Great Crosby children are always a fabulous audience and that they love the Great Crosby energy and particularly their participation in French! Bravo tout le monde ! Merci Onatti et Madame Edwards!

Onatti Productions Ltd www.onatti.co.uk

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