Zoos Angelica C.

No Zoos ALLOWED!!!!

By Angelica Cortes Hortas

I think zoos should not have animals. I know people might disagree, but that’s my opinion. Some might say yes because you can see cute animals but I say no. Here are some reasons why: People can get hurt, animals need space to roam around, and they can get hurt.

Animals need space to run around and have fun. They can’t stay in one little tiny space. I don’t think they can survive like that. At least they can be fed.

Here is another reason, the kids & adults even the zoo keepers can get hurt. They can fall in the cages with no weapons or no shelter. That happened one time with a kid and a gorilla. But sometimes the animal is the one that gets killed, not the kid.

The final reason is that animals are taken from their habitats. I feel really bad for them because they were having (I guess) a great time and they were taken away to the zoo. The animals also look very sad. I wish I can help them if they were not happy. The animals need our help.

Please help these animals go back to their habitats. I really hope you agree with me. Be careful kids, adults, and zoo keepers. Also don’t jump or go inside an animals’ cage.


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