My Generation Generation Z: being Tech savvy is in our dna

He's always watching her; she's the perfect one, an angel of perfection.

I had choose the television series, Eye Candy, as my media source. It is based off the books Eye Candy by R.L. Stine. The show centers around a 21 year old girl named Lindy Sampson who is incredibly tech savvy, seeing hints and forming connections from clues within the digital world that others fail to see. Eventually her roommate and best friend, Sophia Preston, convinces to step out into the online dating world to meet other males after she is released from parole. Setting up her online dating account as 'Eye Candy on the Flirtual app', she soon begins to suspect that one of her suitors might be a serial stalker. She attempts to hack to find the 'Flirtual killer' but her attempts are blocked by his superior hacking skills. Teaming up with the cyber department of the NYPD after the death of her past lover, she attempts to catch this serial killer while solving other cyber cases. Placing the lives of herself and those around her in danger. Lindy Sampson is troubled with finding the Flirtual killer as well as her kidnapped sister, Sara.

I felt that despite the fact that my parents were the late baby boomers, that I related more towards Generation Z as my generation is the most accepting and welcoming of a diverse which is evident with the approval of rights that the LGBTQ community should have had initially such as same-sex marriage. Not to mention that countries are no longer just white dominated but mixed with other races and ethnic groups as well. There is this wide acceptance towards this growing movement about black lives matter. Single parent house holds are becoming more common, kids are becoming more involved with their families and the decisions that are going on which allows for a tighter connection towards their family members. Most importantly, generation Z is the most tech savvy of all the other generations as we have grown up with it in our hands since the moment we were born. It is deeply integrated into our education; essays are being submitted online, notes are taken on student's laptops, there are courses to learn about technology further such as coding. Kids are getting phones from a younger and younger age; they're making social media accounts such as twitter, instagram and snapchat from a young age! We are obsessed with technology to the point that we might not be able to survive a day without it anymore. Everything that we do, that we feel, that we see are now posted on social media with a quick tap of a screen. There is this need to share with the digital world but it also incredibly harmful because the digital world isn't as safe as we want to believe. Things we might not want spreading are easily shared with others, everything we do, say and post can be seen. But this is my generation despite its flaws and perks. I feel deeply connected to generation Z because I am one of those kids; that thrive on a technology based society that preaches acceptance towards diversity and equality.


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