Utah Symbols TO By: Tanner

The Rocky Mountain Elk was named by the Indians.
The bee hive represents Indistry.
The root from the Saga Lily is what Indians would eat.
Pioneers found the cherry.
Most famous trout in Utah.
Represents Indistry
This is the place
Topaz is rare in Utah
Onions take up about 2,500 acres
Our state tree is a Quaking Asspen
It says Industry on our state flag
There are many different names for this fossil.
It was choose for state bird in 1955.
Our state mineral is copper


Created with images by Unsplash - "elk moose canada" • Enokson - "Bee-Hive Yourself!" • pam.gaynor - "Sego Lily" • TaMiMi Q8 - "Break up or stay together ?" • paulbr75 - "saltwater sea trout trout" • jonseidman - "Beehive" • photosteve101 - "music notes with violin key" • johnno49 - "gem blue topaz gemstone" • adactio - "Spring onions" • brtinney - "Quaking Aspen" • Free Grunge Textures - www.freestock.ca - "Utah Grunge Flag" • Accretion Disc - "Allosaur" • Claudio Gennari ..."Cogli l'attimo ferma il tempo" - "Of momentum ..." • schizoform - "20120630 copper"

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