Weekly Digital Update Week of January 30th

Hello, Sunshine

Wiarton Willie, you are our hero. With Toronto having less than 50 hours of sunlight in January, Groundhog day was a great day. Wondering what happened? Well, last Thursday, the furry little guy officially declared an early spring when he didn't see his shadow. Put away your parkas and break out the shorts!

Our last update, the first one of 2017, kicked off by looking at what digital trends we will see carryover from 2016, we shared some 2017 account planning tips, and we spread the solid results coming from comScore's latest release. Haven't had a chance to read it yet? Now is your chance.

Spread the Word

Let's take a moment to talk about what's on everyone's mind: What will Beyoncé name her twins? Just kidding, let's talk Advertising Week 2017.

Did you notice your teammates running in and out of the office all of last week? Did they come back looking inspired and full of great ideas? Blame it on AdWeek.

If you didn't get to attend, no worries. This is why you read the Digital Update. Let's review some key takeaways from a few of the great sessions that took place. First one on the list? The ThinkTV Presentation.

ThinkTV (Mark Ritson)

Keeping "Social" in "Social Media"

Question: Who are you more likely to follow on Instagram? Kim Kardashian or RBC?

Did you say Kim K? No judgement. We all know the Kardashians rule social media. Kim has a cool 91.5 million followers. What about RBC? 2,840. Just a small difference.

Why does this matter? Well during the ThinkTV talk Mark Ritson - a "Marketing Expert" according to his site - spoke about some misconceptions about Brands using Social Media.

One of his primary points was that if you simply look at the definition of social media, it comprises of social (people to people interaction) and media (the platform). Therefore, it shouldn't be surprising that even BIG brands have less followers than PEOPLE on the different social media platforms out there.

His advice? If you want your brand to reach people, use people (also known as influencers).

The P word: Programmatic

Programmatic is great right? Well, not really. Ritson spoke about how it's a little "murky" and how the clients budget really only gets so far when about 60% of the investment is simply paying off all of the different participating parties (ie. AOR, trading desk, DSP, etc.)

If you want to read more Ritson's stance around programmatic, and digital advertising in general, check out this piece from Marketing Week: P&G’s Marc Pritchard has made the biggest marketing speech for 20 years.

Do you like Mark? Check out his weekly column on his site for more. Or, follow someone Mark likes: Christine Moorman.

TubeMogul (Tom Riordan)

How do you measure ROI? Today, consumers see hundreds of ads a day across all channels. This is much different than say 30 years ago when the only channels were TV and print. In this talk, Tom went over identifying "signals" that matter to the advertisers, and how it's important to look at upper and lower funnel metrics when looking at the impact of a campaign.

Suffering from FOMO and want to know more? Good news for you, TubeMogul posted his talk Simplicity, the Ultimate Sophistication: Building Actionable Attribution Systems, which gives you a chance to live his talk over and over again.


Let's Talk Innovation

Leaders from OMD (Shane Cameron), Diplloid (Sean Ramsay), Carat (Jeff Dack), and Sid Lee (Matt Di Paola) explained what their agency's do to encourage innovation. Here are some of the nuggets that came from them that we want to share with you:

  • When talking prioritizing tasks and projects, think about "will it make the boat go faster?".
  • 30% of jobs in the agency don't exist yet.
  • At the end of the day, a good ad is a good ad - the platform shouldn't matter. You need to create the ad based on the goal of the campaign - not the platform.
  • For any digital ads, it's important that you don't interrupt the consumer from getting what they want.


Big Brands in Canada

IPSOS had a few speakers in to talk about Big Brands in Canada. Believe it or not, on the top 10 list of the biggest brands in Canada, only 1 is actually a Canadian company - CBC. Why do we see this? Because at the end of the day, global brands will always win because they have the resources behind them.

Here are some other interesting facts that came out of this talk:

  • One reason why brand influence is challenging is because today there are the most generations alive at once than ever before. So it becomes challenging when figuring out who to target.
  • An agency lead from Google, shared that 9/10 people who are searching for info on their smartphone, don't know what brand they are looking for - just the product.
  • At Visa, they are all about convenience, and they want people to know it. So, they are worked with the NFC to create a visa-powered ring.
  • Using people who are relevant to consumers can make a big impact on how they interact with your brand. Check out what Air New Zealand did to get their passengers focused on safety.

How's that for some Friday inspiration?

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