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Lesson I -> Playground basics.

Why are apps so popular?

Because they are starting to replace things that we use everyday, useful things, it makes our lives easier.

Top Apps

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Youtube.

“What made you download it in the first place? What need does it meet? What is its purpose?”

All of this apps are social apps in some way, I downloaded them because I wanted to be entertained or someone introduced them to me, also to communicate with others easily. They need to have a good design, be attractive, and without too much errors. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all three enter in the same category, they all share lifestyles of some people, they let you talk with others and communicate around the world. WhatsApp is about keeping in contact with others, not much more. Youtube is a like the tv of these days, in there people share stories and their life with others, people around the world watch them, and nowadays it is starting to being considered as a career.

Lesson II -> Naming and Identifiers.

Brainstorm of apps: An app that stores every single test and you can take it at your phone. An app that keeps track of your life all of this to be healthy all the time. An app that solves all the problems of your homework. An app that determines if you need medical assistance depending in your symptoms. An app that gathers series of games that will keep you entertained for a while. An app that helps you to study, for example you open an app and to enter it you have to answer correctly a question. An app that translates what you say and what others say no matter the language. An app that keeps you informed of everything that happens in your surroundings.

Lesson III -> Strings.

WhatsApp, I think this app is designed for every age, any person that wants to talk with other person would download it, and yes I think it will meet the needs of every single person since it is simple.

Key Audiences: I would like to focus in general to anyone, I would never like to make my key audience small, I would like my app to reach everyone that needs my creation. The groups that it wouldn't reach are probably the ones that don't have the need to use it, it's usefulness isn't useful for them basically, but the ones that meet their needs will be satisfied and probably use it more than once.

Example: A kid will probably search for a game that seems fun while they will not search for a news app, so you the app type will be the one that determines the audience in general.

Activity: Martha went to the store to buy a coffee on her way to work. While she was there she met John, a engineer who specializes in working with computers.

Lesson IV -> Hello, World!

Rank by UI design and UX

1.- Youtube

I think this is the one that cares the most for UX, they didn't have the best design years ago but they heard us and kept updating the app and I think that their effort to do it, was worth it, it is simple to find everything and organized.

2.- Instagram

Instagram has made their app one of the most used ones, I think that their simplicity and beautiful design defines in most part their app, they keep you using it and you will never get tired of it.

3.- Facebook

Same as Youtube but I think they still have room for improvement, sometimes it's difficult to find what you want so users can't do what they want to that easily, still a great social network.

4.- Twitter

I think this app is nice, it's a little bit like Instagram, you will never get tired of it but when I first downloaded it I felt that it was hard to do what I wanted to, I had to ask for help to understand it better so it would be good if they made their app a little more simple, still very good app.

5.- WhatsApp

WhatsApp has a very simple design, I would like that you could customize it a bit more, since I like more the design of the Message app, there is room for improvement but everything is so simple since there is not much more than communicating with others in WhatsApp.

Lesson V -> First App

“Which ideas stand out to you now?"

The app that store tests, the one that keeps track of your life to be healthy, the one that determines if you need medical assistance, and the one that translates what you say no matter the language.

The ones that are doable right now for me would be the one that store tests, the one that keep track of your life, and the one that determines if you need medical assistance, and yes, the app can solve their problems, you can practice with the tests, you can log what you eat and your activity for the app to determine if you are healthy, and you can check out for the symptoms that you have so that you can go to get medical assistance.

“Will your app be disruptive?”

Yes, all of this would be disruptive, not everyone does tests in your phone to study, you can keep track of your life in your phone instead of going to the doctor and get tests and everything. All of this with a good UI will deliver a good UX and I'm sure that users will recommend the app.

Lesson VI -> Functions

App Name: Prepare for your test!

My app will help people get better grades in their exams, without stressing them, offering the best test that we can offer to them because right now I feel that an app that could help me study, could replace whatever I do in my phone that is counterproductive and start studying more.

App Name: Seek a healthy life!

My app will be a tool that people can use in order to keep a healthy life, along with tips that doctors give and tools to make it happen because what is more important that being healthy.

Lesson 6
Lesson VII -> BoogieBot

For the app Seek a healthy life! I would like to use the following:

Camera: Seek a healthy life! can be a social network too, where people share their healthy lifestyle and inspire others.

Bluetooth: They can use fitbit or similar to store their activity through out the day.

Accelerometer: This would be to check if the user is in constant movement or to see if he is in the most part sedentary for example.

Lesson VIII -> Constants and Variables

App Features:

Alert you if your camera recognize something or someone dangerous.

Determine if you are healthy by touching the phone.

By taking a picture to your eye, determine if you need glasses.

By taking a picture to your eye, determine it's color.

By seeing your display, determine if you are struggling to read texts.

Lesson IX -> Types


Lesson X

Clarity: The design of the interface would be simple and easy to understand, this will motivate a constant navigation through the app.

Deference: The user will be able to experiment this app with out knowing much, this means that the process that the user will do will be designed in such way that they can know what's next.

Depth: Our app will have smooth movements and a realistic image to facilitate the understanding of the user.

Consistency: The app will provide familiar standards for users, and will have intuitive management which people will be able to distinguish in a matter of seconds.

Feedback: In order for people to know that they're on the right track tha app will implement feedbacks to help users have a better experience.

Direct Manipulation: The app will make use of the participation of the user for example the use of the cell phone's camera.

Lesson XI

Appealing icon: Every icon that caught my attention was simple and was a logo, a logo that made me easy to recognize what was the app about, something that everyone could familiarize with and something that everyone would recognize at a simple glance.

Right into the action: The initial view sometimes, if not always, means everything, users would like to see something simple right away that solves their needs, that's why they downloaded the app and they opened it in first place, basically the initial view needs to be interesting or important to the user.

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