Do College Athletes Deserve to Get Paid? By John Ryan Burg

Sure, big named Colleges like Clemson and Villanova make money off of their Athletics for winning championships, but other colleges like a D3 school that's struggling with their athletics would also have to pay their players according to Title IX. Even Colleges that are D1 still don't have enough money to pay all of their Athletics, especially the sports that are unpopular. I think a scholarship is enough consideration for College Athletes to get paid

The Clemson Football team winning the 2016 Championship

I interviewed Will Casey to see the other side of the argument

I asked him "Do you think college athletes should be paid?"

Will responded "I do think they should be paid and this is why, students that don't play sports have free time to get a job, and work, and get paid. Student Athletes don't have that free time to have a job, big named sport schools take practices very seriously, making the athletes having very little free time. Student Athletes getting paid teaches them hard work pays off."

The Villanova Basketball Team winning the 2016 Mens Championship

Student Athletes definitely have a huge impact on schools by getting their names out for their athletics. I don't think they should get paid because if a big named sports school has their athletes get paid, than a smaller sports school would also have to pay their athletes. Not only that but the schools have to pay all of their sports, which would cost a lot of money.

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