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"Overall, this new Burleigh Dodds text, Ensuring Safety and Quality in the Production of Beef, is a breath of fresh air. It covers a mountain of factors that can contribute to beef demand. It assembles a truly remarkable set of authors; scientists that have spent a career on their specific topics. This text is a 'must read'!!"

Meat Science

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"Edited by the Director General of the International Dairy Federation, Dr Nico van Belzen, there can be little doubt regarding the scientific quality and likely impact of these volumes… I hope that the books/chapters will find a large audience and, by doing so, help to achieve the sustainability of milk production that the title promises"

Journal of Dairy Research


  • Reviews latest research on composition and properties of egg shell, white and yolk and current findings on factors affecting quality
  • Summarises recent studies on pathogens affecting eggs and methods for their control
  • Discusses latest research on welfare issues for laying hens such as beak trimming and advances in optimising hen nutrition and health
  • Assesses developments in reducing the environmental impact of egg production


  • Reviews latest research on pig genetics and its implications for improved breeding
  • Detailed review of ways of meeting energy, protein, vitamin and mineral requirements of pigs
  • Covers the latest research on controlling pathogenic and non-pathogenic safety risks associated with pig meat
  • Comprehensive review of the factors affecting the different aspects of pig meat quality
  • Comprehensive review of pig welfare across the life-cycle, from gilts and sows to weaned piglets and finishing pigs
  • Includes generic welfare issues such as the role of pasture-based systems, humane transport, lairage and slaughter techniques


  • Discusses research on factors affecting carcass composition and meat quality;
  • Reviews advances in breeding such as the use of molecular markers;
  • Summarises key developments in understanding and improving the health and welfare of sheep

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"Needless to say, such a book is timely as it provides a valuable account of modern food safety management in poultry processing, coupled with the key elements of sustainable production systems."

Poultry Production


  • Assesses latest research on how grasslands function
  • Surveys best practice in sustainable grassland management
  • Considers wider aspects of sustainability such as ecosystem services and biodiversity

NEW IN 2019


See what others are saying about 'Improving gut health in poultry'...

"The proposed content of this book is a timely and comprehensive compilation of current knowledge on a topic that is of considerable interest to poultry scientists worldwide. The internationally renowned contributors as well as the editor are a guarantee of the high standard of the content."

Professor Richard Ducatelle, University of Ghent, Belgium

See what others are saying about 'Advances in breeding of dairy cattle'...

"Professor van de Werf and Dr Pryce are leading experts and have assembled an excellent team for a book describing the current state-of-the-art. This volume will contribute to the dissemination of advanced breeding technology to breeders, scientists and other stakeholders in the dairy industry. There is no doubt that it will also stimulate new developments in an exciting field of research."

Prof. J. A. Lenstra, Utrecht University, The Netherlands; Editor-in-Chief of Animal Genetics

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