The Ocean Learn About the OCEAN

Salt Content in the Ocean


The ocean has a salt content is 3.5%. The reason why humans can't drink the oceans water is because the salt will drain us of our water. We will drink the salty water, your body will try and dispose the salt through your urine. Your body will dispose of more water than salt, leaving you dehydrated by drinking water.

The ocean is important to life

The ocean is very important to life on earth because a lot of animals have adapted to living in salt water. Us humans have the ability to travel the depths of the ocean, this can help us learn more about the world. Predators can hunt for food in the ocean, such as fish and lobster.


Sunlit Zone

This zone has a depth of 0-656 feet. This zone gets the most sunlight. The wildlife that lives in it are; seals, sea turtles, sea lions, manta rays, and sharks. Along with a plentiful amount of plants.

Twilight Zone

This zone has a depth of 656-3,280 feet. Only dim sunlight reaches this region of the ocean. No plants grow in this region due to the lack of sunlight. Residents include; jellyfish, octopuses and squid.

Midnight Zone

This zone has a depth of 3,280-13,123 feet. This region of the ocean doesn't receive any sunlight. Some animals here lack eyes because of the extreme lack of light. Viperfish, anglerfish, snipe eel, and tripod fish.


This zone has a depth of 13,123-19,685 feet. The abyss is often used to describe deep sea in general. Most creatures living here lack a backbone, like sea spiders. Blind shrimp and hagfish also live here.

Hadal Zone

Depth of this zone is 19,685-36,197. Most of the time found in deep trenches and canyons. Water temperatures are barely above freezing. Sea cucumbers are some of the only life that lives here.

Some things that humans use that is from the ocean is; salt, sand, gravel, manganese, copper, nickel, iron, and cobalt


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