ABC's of Africa By Thang c.

A-Algeria, in conflict with Morocco for (west sahara

B-Bats, African has 25% of world bat species.

C-Conflicts, in Africa there are many wars between ethinic groups and and the country that rules it.

D-Diarrhea, a leading cause in death for africans

E-Egypt, one of the oldest country.

F-Fine Paper, Egyptians were the first to use them.

H-Half life, in most African countries, life expectancy is less than half of an American's.

I-Iry-Hors were a dynasty in Egypt. No known achievement.

J-Jidahists, From the middle comes, the one and only, jidahists, they believe in "peace", which they try to bring with guns. invading africa.

K-KHODUMODURNO, a demon that devoured everything in its path.

L-Lightning, Africa is the lightning capital of the world

M-Massacre, some of the more recent are in Africa.

N-Niger river was the river that made it possible for the Empire of Ghana gain its power.

O-Omo valley, home to many different tribes in africa


Created with images by D-Stanley - "Pyramid of Khafre" • grodrigue - "tipasa algeria ancient" • U.S. Geological Survey - "The Social Network" • Moyan_Brenn - "War" • standardlamp - "outhouse wood toilet" • Pexels - "alone camel desert" • jarmoluk - "document agreement documents" • whobuilds - "grandpa baby love" • Fresh On The Net - "Pharoahs" • Meditations - "agent armed armour" • Silus - "iPad drawing" • j_arred - "Lightning" • Iqbal Osman1 - "Blood and guns" • Jeanne Menjoulet - "Mali, rives du Niger, en approchant de Tombouctou" • Prof. Mortel - "Omo valley market (14)"

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