Viking Raiders By zara

a viking story.

Chapter 1. The Strange Noises.

“Mother, me and Godren are going to pick some fruits!” shouted Mathilda. As Godren and Mathilda toddled on the muddy wooden walkway, at that moment Mathilda spotted some delicious blackberries while Godren took some carrots. “Nearly got it! Noo it’s too high!” Mathilda wailed. Godren slowly walked towards Mathilda, there was loud noises coming from the village, until there was shouting and screaming... Godren thought it was because of the disgusting stench, but it wasn’t…

What were the strange noises?

People were screaming and shouting ‘VIKINGS, VIKINGS GO!’ Mathilda and Godren were shaking and shivering, but Mathilda was crying as she was not as strong. Godren realised the Vikings were heading North! Standing silently, Godren shielded Mathilda as they came.

The Vikings Are here..

Chapter 2. Vikings are heading North..

“Godren i’m scared!” wailed Mathilda, as they were hiding behind an overgrown tree. There were muddy footsteps behind them, a Viking sneakily crawled and grabbed tight onto their small hands and dragged them across the muddy wet wooden walkway, Mathilda and Godren were separated at both ends of the long wooden ship, “MATHILDA!” yelled Godren “I’M COMING!” Mathilda was very weak but with Godren she felt strong, this time she felt nothing. As they were taken away she did not smell the stench, she was not used to it. Godren sat up at the other end of the knorr ship, “Pss Godren!” whispered a silent voice. “Huh? Mathilda?” replied Godren with a squeak “No!”


Behind Godren was an old bearded man with a rough brown dirty tunic, “Come!” whispered the man. Godren thought for a while but chose to go, the bearded old man took the little boy towards the other side of the of the long ship. It took a while to get to the other side but Godren learnt his name ‘Odrick.’ When they got there they saw Mathilda bursting with tears. “Godren! Viking?...AHHH VIKING! SCRAM, SCRAM.” Shouted Mathilda, she was running in circles screaming. “Ow!” Mathilda scraped her hand on a sharp rock that was sharper than a knife.

is odrick going to help?

Chapter 3. Odrick.

“Oh no no, i’m here to get you out of here. This same thing happend to me, i was sold as a slave and now i am here i don’t want it to happen to you.” cried Odrik. “You’re too young and only 9 and 7!”

Odrik lead the two kids to a wooden small boat, it was nothing like the long knorr boat it was tiny as a seed Mathilda and Godren were squashed as Odrik had his bubble. Mathilda was fast asleep snoring just like her parents. All of a sudden… “BETRAYER, BETRAYER, HE BETRAYED US.” yelled a gang of feisty Vikings, They we shivering as if they were at antartica but odrik was the least scared. The long boat was following them everywhere even when they went to wrong way. “ODRIK LOOK OUT BRANCHES!” shouted Godren it was so windy branches flew by the sea and almost hit odrik it was like an obstacle course.

Chapter 4. Here we are at last.

A few hours later they finally lost them Mathilda was so dizzy from going in circles and circles “Look! That’s Aunty’s house i think i can see Uncle Koran planting some crops!” mentioned Godren. The two children had mixed feelings happy but sad that they are not at their home town Jorvik. As Mathilda and Godren stepped onto the island Mathilda and Godren were so surprised how much it's changed but before they could even say goodbye, Odrik vanished in mid air.

When they looked back, all they could see was a knorr ship sail away...


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