Alpheus & Arethusa The non-consentual love story

Arethusa is the name of a sacred spring in Sicily. However, the spring was not always just a spring, but a beautiful woman. She was a huntress and a follower of Artemis. Like her goddess, she wanted nothing to do with men and loved the calmness of the forest.

Alpheus is the god of the river, who enjoys spending time in nature with his creations, the rivers.

Arethusa, after hunting and chasing an animal, decided to go for a swim in a clear river underneath some willow trees. While swimming, something touches her underwater and she leaps out of the river onto the bank. To this, a voice responded from the river. "Why such haste, fairest maiden?"

Arethusa ran away in fear. The voice followed her, telling her that he was only chasing her because he loves her. The voice, revealed to be Alpheus, was stronger and faster than Arethusa. Arethusa prayed to Artemis to save her, and she was turned into a spring. Alpheus turned into a river, his water now flowing freely with Arethusa's in an underground tunnel connecting Sicily and Greece.

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