Innovative Media by Thien Yuon Shing Joanna (0326332)

Hey , I'm Joanna and am currently studying Bachelor of mass Communication (PR & Marketing). I was born and brought up in the Land Below the Wind. Sports, nature and voluntary works are some of my interest / leisure activities. I am looking forward to learn more about this module and how to put my knowledge gained into good use.

Assignment 1 : E - Portfolio

Exercise 1 : Stop Motion Animation


When objects come to live, they PLAY.

Group photo

Exercise 2 : Viral Content


"Drugs are the enemies of ambition and hope - and when we fight against drugs we are fighting for the future" as quoted by Bob Riley. (1)

What is drug ?

Drug can be defined as artificial substances which are made from chemicals or natural substances that are taken to improve one’s performance of an activity, for pleasure or due to addiction. (2)

However, drugs are usually taken by humans due to addiction.

Source :

It is basically no stranger to us as drug is used worldwide either for a good cause or bad cause and usually it ends up being abused by humans. Below are some of the anti-drug abuse media :

1. Reminder : Drugs are all about dragging your life down to the grave.

Source :

2. An example of drug : Meth

Below shows how addiction / abuse of Meth can change one's physical appearance.

Source :

3. So, take your side

Source :

4. Good news! THERE IS HOPE !

Source :

5. Always know that life is in your hands

Source :

Reference :

1. Riley, B. (n.d.) Bob Riley Quotes. Available from: [Accessed 18 May 2017].

2. Cambridge Dictionary (n.d.) Drug. Available from: [Accessed 18 May 2017].

Exercise 3 : Infographics

Drugs are silent killer whether it is psychologically or physically. Below shows the long term effects of Meth abused on the body.

Exercise 4 : Mobile App


Description of the mobile app

This app that was created by Solshana and I is to provide food delivery service to hungry people's doorstep without fail.

" Fastest way to fill your hunger up ! " - Foodielife

Come and embark on this journey with us as we bring you to explore what our app has to offer you.

Welcoming page
Welcoming page

Welcoming page is where you can find the name of our app on a delicious spaghetti background. As you click on the 3 line icon which can be found on the top right hand corner of the welcoming page, it will show a list of buttons that link you to different pages which are : -

  • Restaurants
  • Orders
  • Trolley
  • Discounts
  • Favorites
  • Others

Restaurant page is where you can find a range of restaurants that are available in your area. It offers Western, Asian, Italian cuisine and many more.


This page display the menu based on the available restaurants that are found in the Restaurant page.


Trolley page is where it displays the orders and payment that is to be made by the user / customers.


Here, you can find great deals / discounts that our app occasionally offers to our hungry customers. As we, the Foodielife believes that a little discount won't hurt!


This page shows your order history and it not just some ordinary order history but your favorite order history that you always make when you choose the same restaurant.


Others page is where it provides information to our users / customers regarding the operating hours and days as well as the contact number for our delivery service.

Hope that you enjoy your mini journey with us and happy using our Foodielife app!

Assignment 2 : Video

We, Young Metro, welcome you to this video. Malaysia is a melting pot of different cultures and so is its cuisine. In this short video, we would like to show you our vlog regarding our topic that we chose which is food. The food culture in Malaysia plays a big role in our daily lives. Here we have a short video of something called The Messed Up Family that can be found in a local cafe known as Garage 51. This is not part of our local cuisine but we suggest that you give it a go. Here's The Messed Up Family on how it's done and where it can be found. Enjoy!

Mindmap, Moodboard and Storyboard

Treatment / Script

Assignment 3 : Animated Chat Stickers

Theme : Halloween

Who says Halloween has to always be filled with scary monsters? Here, you will find cute Halloween chat stickers as well as the wanna-be horror ones too.


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