After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2005, this Air Force veteran refused to let MS define her. She has also refused to let her wheelchair confine her. Sylvia has visited 48 countries, 35 of those as a wheelchair user and 28 of those by herself. Her mission is to share information about the accessibility of her destinations with fellow wheelchair users around the world.


Sylvia's writing about wheelchair accessible travel has been featured in The New York Times, New Mobility magazine, on Lonely Planet, and the Matador Travel Network. She also posts regularly on her award-winning accessible travel blog, Spin the Globe. In November 2017, Sylvia published her first travel photography book, The View from Down Here, and the follow-up will be published in January 2019.


As a subject matter expert on Mexico's drug war and border security, Sylvia has been writing and speaking for over 13 years about issues like drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, and illegal immigration. She writes regularly for American Military University's InHomeland Security site, and her articles have been featured on multiple national media sites and in peer-reviewed academic journals. Sylvia is the author of two books: Cartel and Border Insecurity.


As a drug war and border security expert, Sylvia has been featured on episodes of Brad Meltzer's Decoded and America's Drug War on The History Channel. She has also consulted extensively with producers for Border Wars and Drugs, Inc. on the National Geographic Channel. For the last decade, Sylvia has been the go-to on-air expert for national and international news outlets like CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, NBC News, The Today Show, and Al Jazeera English.


Sylvia is most comfortable when she has a camera and microphone in front of her. As a drug war and border security expert, she has given keynote addresses and served on panels for organizations like the Google INFO Summit, C-SPAN BookTV, the Texas Book Festival, the Mob Museum, and several World Affairs Councils. As an accessible travel expert, she has presented at 1 Million Cups and the Rotary Club of St. Augustine. Sylvia will also be the keynote speaker at the Women of Vision charity event at Flagler College in May 2019.


Sylvia won the title of Ms. Wheelchair USA in July 2016 with a platform of promoting programs that support children of parents with disabilities. This platform grew out of The PreJax Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit she founded in November 2015 to provide college scholarships to students affected by MS. As a solo wheelchair traveler, Sylvia continually tries to inform and educate the hospitality sector and businesses large and small about accessibility issues. She has also created a series of PSA-style videos about how to improve accessibility at the local level, one of which has garnered over one million views and counting.

"Other people will always try to impose limits on me. Their expectations will be low simply because I can't walk. I'm more than happy to keep disappointing them."


Created By
Sylvia Longmire


Photos by Sylvia Longmire, Erin Karl, and Alana Casanova

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