Learning To Fly Me and my phantom 4

I finally bit the bullet the other day and bought a DJI Phantom 4. I had been putting off buying a Drone for several years, big mistake! So I went down to Best Buy on Wednesday before Black Friday and said this is what I want, it costs this much on Amazon meet or beat the price. They beat it!

I want to thank my friends Laurie Rubin and Colin Smith for helping me make my decision on what drone to buy.

Checkout Laurie and Colin online they have some great pictures and training programs for Photographers. Colin is also CEO of "Photoshop Cafe, http://photoshopcafe.com." Both of them are very experienced drone pilots.

The first thing I did was to register my Drone with the FAA, did this all online, it wasn't to painful. Next I downloaded the DJI App and the FAA do not fly information, all in App Store. I then watched hours of YouTube on flying your drone. The next step was to go to the Flight Simulator in the DJI App and played with that for several hours.

On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, I took my Drone for my first maiden voyage. I live on the far east side of my community on a dead end street. I wasn't worried about neighbors, all were there to watch me either fly or crash. Well it flew and we had no crashes.

Maiden Flight

Now a week and a half later and a lot of hours on the controller playing with all the different buttons I know six things relating to flying a Drone, Up, Down, Left, Right, Forward and Backward. I are a Pilot! LOL. This is going to take months to really become a proficient at flying a Drone.

Please enjoy some of my pictures I have taken over the last few days on learning my new camera, DJI Drone.

Looking forward to showing off more of my pictures and experiences flying my Drone.

Seasoned Pilot of 7 days

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