Homestead's Childhood Favorite Reads! BY: Katie O'hagan

Alyssa Fitzsimmons, junior, says "My favorite book as a child was Harvey Potter's Balloon Farm because I loved the colorful Illustrations. I loved it so much that I even went to go get it signed by the author!" Books with fun illustartaions and creative stories are always popular favorites.

Kendall Coburn, junior, says "I love the The Mysterious Benedict Society because it was about kids my age and how they became friends out of an unlikely circumstance! Generally, I don't like mystery books, but The mysterious Benedict Society series has always been my favorite!" Books like this are popular reads because a good mystery is always hard to put down!

Lexi Timm, junior, says "Oh the Places You'll Go, by Dr. Suess, has always been my favorite book. It is a classic. The rhymes and fun illustrations made it a fun read!" Dr. Suess books have never failed to be a favorite. His clever stories are timeless.

Alex Grosso, junior, says "If You Bring A Mouse to The Movies is my favorite because it brings back memories from when my mom would read me bed time stories and that was one of her favorites, so consequently how happy she was reading it to me made it my favorite book." This books was very popular growing up and hold many memories for people looking back now.

Stella Kim, junior, says "Pinkalicious is my childhood favorite book because as a little girl I loved pink!" This is a popular favorite because of the cute illustrations and funny story.


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